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Welcome to a group provides an outlet for the women who love the content and community of Rooster Teeth. In here, you will find new connections, discussions about women in gaming, media, and technology, gaming merchandise for women (including things you may want to give away), and anything your heart desires!
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April 10th, 2014

Community Update: April 14th

Well, that's an interesting development...

Community Spotlight
@AweSamantha is recruiting for a new YouTube channel called GetToKnow. The concept is a small group of people on one channel that make videos to each other (like VlogBrothers). The videos can be of anything, preferably vlogs, and the whole video can be a reply to the previous person (if preferred) or a totally new subject. If interested, send a PM to @AweSamantha.
@ETslugger21 is looking for victi... I mean, volunteers for a Things To Do In... in GTA V. If you're interested, PM me; I already have a few signed up, but there are a few spots available, so sign up soon! NO capture equipment necessary!
Think you've seen all the RT Tumblrs? Here's one from one of our members, @Prongz: Holy shmoly

Coming up...
Next week, we'll have Minecraft, vote below for which version. We'll probably be doing some fun free build in Survival, gotta get our villages started!
We'll hopefully also have Girl Talk next week and are considering using RoosterSpeak for our chat. Don't know what that is? You may want to check out their group and see the awesome things that they're doing!
If you're lucky, we may even have a Movie Night too!

See what The Angels are up to...
Michelle chastised the game for being rude when she attempted Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist in last week's I Haven't Played!
Nicola got confused by her team and accomplished something without knowing how in last week's Let's Play Lego Marvel Super Heroes!
This Thursday, April 10th at 8:30 PM CST we will be playing Halo 4! Message gamertag Lady Odd Duck to join or watch live on AngelTV!

Stay awesome! <3 Kiwi
Which Minecraft do you want to Play
B) 360
C) Depends on the game

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