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October 26th, 2014

This Week in Awesome #10

Youtube Channel of the Week
This weeks youtube channel is called TheVinnyVoltage. The channel does really good animations of AH and Game Grumps audio from the different videos they also do animated music videos for Starbomb music. Its a pretty awesome channel and you guys should check it out

Creation of the Week
The weeks creation of the week is by @wamirul and its awesome. Just look at it its so cool haha

Community Event of the Week
Let's Meet! at Anime Nebraskon This is the only community even coming up this week. It is happening at Anime Nebraskon in Omaha so if your in the area why not go along :)

Video of the Week
the video of the week is of a wedding and its the father and daughter dance without her father being there but her husband just does something so nice its just a super sweet video
Video link

Cosplay of the Week
This weeks cosplayer is @crofteria. The teacher to be wanted to entertain her class so she dressed up as Lara Croft and we think she did an awesome job at it. She really nailed to modern Lara Croft look :)

Features RT Lady of the Week

This weeks featured lady is @Missclicks :) She is from Canada and who doesn't love a Canadian. She is an awesome lady and we are happy she is part of our little RT family :)
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