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September 19th, 2014

This Week in Awesome #5

Youtube Channel of the Week
This weeks channel is a cookie channel called Nerdie Nummies! Ro (the chef) cooks up some awesome nerdy themed cakes, cookies, cake pops,cupcakes and anything else she can think of :D Examples of her nerdy nummie treats are Groot Cookies, Super Mario Mushroom Popsicles, Grumpy Cat Cake, Divergent Dauntless Cakes and much much more :)
Here is the channel

Fan Art of the Week
This weeks fan art is by @IsaiahJordan . IT is his vision of the RWBY poster and i think it looks pretty awesome. He posted the picture to the site 2 months ago and it didnt get the credit it deserved so here we are featuring it :)

Community Event of the Week
This weeks Community event is a 24hr Twitch stream to help fellow RT Member and Lady @lambency . Lambency suffers from a spinal fracture and crushed disk in her lower spine. The cause of this is from a car crash that happened a couple of years ago this makes it harder for her to get a job which means supporting herself and her family is hard on her so @Ilan is doing another Twitch Stream to raise money to help her :) He is just a good guy :D Here are the details of the stream check it out tomorrow if you can :)

LambencyFEST to help @lambency
Saturday Sept. 20th - 6PM EST going for 24 hours.....or more.....

Video of the Week
This weeks video is a video that has been going around facebook in Ireland and i found it really funny and thought i should share it with you Ladies. If your not irish then it might be a bit hard to understand what the little girl is saying so put on the subtitles and you will get it. She is a northern irish girl trying to sing a frozen song to her parents
Here is the video

Cosplay of the Week
This is a new section this week. I've seen some awesome Cosplays here on the site and i thought it would be cool to feature them here too :) So this week is @captnrogers as yang with turkey hands. Her Yang cosplay is awesome enough but with the edition of turkey hands its just makes it funny and awesome :)

Features RT Lady of the Week

This weeks RT Lady is @ohmytardis ! I must say I love the user name clearly she has great taste in entertainment Rooster Teeth and Doctor Who whats not to love :D
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