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July 28th, 2014

Helping a Fellow Community Member

Hello Ladies

Rooster Teeth is a very community driven Production. Things like laser team just don't happen without a solid community and we have to look out for and help our fellow community members or we don't function. Some of you may have heard about a certain community member called @LoZelda. LoZelda is a big contributor in the RT community. She is a RTX Guardian, runs RT Michigan and the Community Based Network.
Last week she got the news that she had Cancer. As ladies of this community we should show our support for one of the ladies who truly does a lot for it. So send her a supporting message or just wish her good luck on her surgery on August 8th.
A few of LoZelda's friends are going a 24hr live stream to raise money as there is nothing harder than having to deal with a sickness than having to have the trouble of money as well.
The details are as followed:

When - Saturday August 2nd at 7PM EST (6PM RT Time)
Where -
What will be played - Zelda and requested games

So please go and show your support for this wonderful community member

- Miriam x
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