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August 29th, 2014

This Week in Awesome #2

This is the second week of This Week in Awesome. You guys seemed to like it so we decided to keep it going :)
Youtube Channel of the Week
This week channel is 331Erock. This channel is run by one guy who turns songs into their metal versions. He had turned the pokemon, game of thrones and spiderman themes as well as songs such at Let it Go, Everytime we touch, What Does the Fox Say and Call Me Maybe. Even if you dont like metal you should definitely give him a watch because his videos are awesome.
Fan Art of the Week
The Fan art this week is by @1MorePelican . I saw his picture while scrolling through the feed and thought it was pretty awesome. He says in the title that he never finishes anything so hopefully this will encourage him to continue because some on it is pretty awesome :) 

Community Events This Week
There are 2 meets up this weekThe first this week is RvB:Scotland - Game On! If you can guess its being run by the Scottish RT community and it being held on the 30th of August. The last Game On RvB: Scotland had was a success so why wont this one? @Aidan and @ailsarocks are running it so if you have any questions they're the ones to ask :
The Second Event this week is RT Philly finds Nemo. RT fans in New Jersey can meet up and go see some fish at Camden Aquarium on the 30th of August. Im unsure of who is organising it but i think its @brittbraylor so if you have any questions just leave a comment in the event comments :)

Video of the Week
This weeks video is a very old community video. See how many RT community members you recognise as well as which former Community members/ current RT employees there are too. The video is a bunch of community members singing alone to the some numa numa and its pretty funnyRVB Numa Numa

Features RT Lady of the Week

This Weeks Featured user is @OuijiaCakes :) Why? Because why not :D She is fairly new to the site (unless she lost her old profile and this is her second one haha) She does some awesome art and her cats plays videos games how awesome is that (her cat also looks likes joe's offspring). So congratulations your this weeks featured Lady :)
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