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The Latecomers is a place for everyone who loves Rooster Teeth to meet other like-minded people and to chat and generally have a good laugh. Somewhere for members to find their place in the RT community and to find new friends.

Maybe you've been part of the site for awhile and the thought of entering the Forums scares you a bit, then we can help. You see just up there, at the top of the page just under our name, is a Forum button. That will take you to The Latecomers very own forum which is considerably smaller and less intimidating than the RT Forums. Head into there, post in some threads or start a new topic and people will reply giving you a footing in the community.

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(The people kind enough to host this.)
We can't wait to hear from all of you.
Welcome aboard! :)

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November 27th, 2014

A Clever Title

Alright listen up all you wonderful people, I am sure you have all picked up on the nothing that has been happening in the group by now, so we wanted to give this another shot. Last game night was at 6 p.m eastern time and 11 p.m U.K. time. Now it doesn't have to be a game night, and that doesn't have to be the time it happens, but that all can be talked about in comments. So please feel free to tell us what you all think.

Right now we are looking at the weekend after this coming one so that this whole black friday thing will be over and done with.

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Americans and to all of our overseas friends too!
Game, movie night general shenanigans weekend after next(details tbd)?
A) Shut up you big, dumb idiot. No one cares.
B) I'm all for it, yo.

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