The Latecomers
For those long time fans, or new members, who have just joined the site who want to jump into the community with other people like them.

The Latecomers is a place for everyone who loves Rooster Teeth to meet other like-minded people and to chat and generally have a good laugh. Somewhere for members to find their place in the RT community and to find new friends.

Maybe you've been part of the site for awhile and the thought of entering the Forums scares you a bit, then we can help. You see just up there, at the top of the page just under our name, is a Forum button. That will take you to The Latecomers very own forum which is considerably smaller and less intimidating than the RT Forums. Head into there, post in some threads or start a new topic and people will reply giving you a footing in the community.

If you have any questions then feel free to message any of the admins of the group. We are always happy to help and you can find us just down and to the right. Send us a friend request too. We want to hear from you! We're part of your new friend base and have every intention of helping to grow the community. Just don't send anyone creepy messages. :)

Below you will find a selection of links from our Twitter to the group rules and how to come and actually chat with us in Teamspeak. If you are planning to come join us meeting other RT fans then check out Rooster Speaks
group. (The people kind enough to host this.)
We can't wait to hear from all of you.
Welcome aboard! :)

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April 15th, 2014

I promised something cool.

I promised something cool. I promised something cool. And now I'm here to deliver you that cool thing.

*****THIS SATURDAY, APRIL 19th AT 4:00pmEST/ 9:00pmGMT*******
Come join us on google hangouts for a live, video podcast. In it (we hope) we will have a chat running so you guys can talk to us as well and ask us anything your little hearts desire.

You'll also get to see mine and Beckas pretty faces. So, come just for that. ;)

(also watch me physically get angry with Kyle and yell, a lot.)

******BUT WAIT! THERES MORE!*******

Right after that, at around 6pmEST/11pmGMT, join us on TeamSpeak for a GTA game night!

We're gonna play some custom maps and maybe try to make our own heists. It'll be absolutely top!

We'll have more details closer to this weekend, so keep an eye out for future posts!!!!

Comment below if you plan on joining us for one, or both of these things!! It's gonna be fun times for all!
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