All Ladies/Lass AH team
A group dedicated to the formation of a Ladies Achievement Hunter community..

This group is dedicated to females and people who support females who love to game. We are here to hunt achievements/trophies, record content for both the Rooster Teeth Community as well as our own YouTube channel and support the female gaming network as a whole. We are also here to form a community of females who have the skills and talents of behind the scenes work and to be a creative outlet for these talents.

Achievement Hunter Angels is currently looking to coordinate with many different talents to contribute to the team. At this time we are currently looking for people with Xbox, PS and PC recording abilities. Being able to edit your own work is a plus! Though if you think you have a creative talent to add to the team please make sure you let us know. We are always open to discussing new ideas and open to new ways of taking on the gaming industry.

Otherwise we would love to see you at our many game nights which typically take place on scheduled Thursdays or Sundays! No pressure, just a fun safe place to come play and meet new friends.

Also we want your feedback, love, and of course cake! We love cake!

If interested please contact us at [email protected]

Also make sure that you follow us on:
Achievement Hunter Angels Twitter
And check out our YouTube Channel at Achievement Hunter Angels YouTube

Thank you!

Kariann & Michelle
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April 18th, 2014

GTA V UK Game Night!

UK Game Night #2 will begin in less than 10 minutes! Join Nicola for some GTA V fun! Message gamertag IFearNoFishH to join!
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