The Angels
A female-driven group dedicated to creating fun content and building a safe space within the gaming community.

The Angels is a female-driven group dedicated to creating comedic YouTube content, empowering gamers of all types, and building a safe community where gamers of all backgrounds and skill levels can have fun without fear of harassment or judgement.

Some of the many ways we foster community are:
1. Hosting and livestreaming weekly Game Nights where everyone is included.
2. Encouraging and teaching members to record and create content.
3. Collaborating with members and other community groups.

Our weekly Game Nights are hosted Wednesdays at 3 PM CST (9 PM GMT) and Thursdays at 8 PM CST.

We hope to see you at a Game Night very soon! We are gamers first and foremost and love meeting new people!

You can also catch us on our bi-weekly podcast here!

Connect with us on:


If you would like to collaborate, have any ideas, questions, or concerns please contact us HERE.

The Angels

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July 28th, 2014

Weekly Update for 7/28!


Michelle tried out Condemned: Criminal Origins in last week's I Haven't Played!

Nicola punched endangered species and invited everyone to a party in last week's Let's Play Lego Marvel Super Heroes!

Jill came back from vacation and tried to remember where she left off in last week's Real Play Lands of Lore!


Angelcast 12 is here! Listen in as Kariann, Britt, Scott, Sarah, and Michelle discuss their RTX 2014 experiences!

Remember, we are always taking questions for the Angelcast! If you have anything you'd like to ask the Angels, be it serious or silly, you can ask in this forum, tweet us using #Angelcast, or ask anonymously!

Game Nights:

This Wednesday, July 30th at 3 PM CST/9 PM GMT we will be playing Assassin's Creed 4! Message gamertag FunSizeKM to join!

This Thursday, July 31st at 8 PM CST we will be playing COD BLOPs 2! Message gamertag ChicktasticGRR to join or watch and chat with us live on Angel TV!

The Angels
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