The Angels
A female-driven group dedicated to creating fun content and building a safe space within the gaming community.

The Angels is a female-driven group dedicated to creating comedic YouTube content, empowering gamers of all types, and building a safe community where gamers of all backgrounds and skill levels can have fun without fear of harassment or judgement.

Some of the many ways we foster community are:
1. Hosting and livestreaming weekly Game Nights where everyone is included.
2. Encouraging and teaching members to record and create content.
3. Collaborating with members and other community groups.
4. Hosting charity events for organizations such as Extra Life and AbleGamers.

Our weekly Game Nights are hosted Saturdays at 6 PM CST and Sundays at 12 PM CST.

We hope to see you at a Game Night very soon! We are gamers first and foremost and love meeting new people!

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If you would like to collaborate, have any ideas, questions, or concerns please contact us HERE.

The Angels

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March 24th, 2015

Weekly Update for 3/24!


Kim discovered the joy of long cutscenes when she tried out The Witcher 2 for the first time in last week's I Haven't Played!

Sarah played Tomb Raider in last week's WIP Wednesday! P.S. This episode and the one previous have both been close-captioned! Tell your friends!

Clare showed us how to build a giant tribute to ourselves in last week's Minecraft How To!

Sammii sought outside help and discovered the secret in last week's Let's Play Super Stacker 2!

Game Nights/Livestreams:

This Saturday, March 28th at 6 PM CDT we will be playing Tomb Raider on Xbox 360! Message gamertag Lady Odd Duck to join the fun!

Stay tuned for what we'll be playing for Sunday's PS3 game night by following us on Twitter!

The Angels
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