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June 7th, 2015

June 20th Game Night at 4:00PM CST!

Hey everybody!

Just a friendly reminder that in two weeks we'll be having another #RTCommunityDay game night at Newbs' place in Apple Valley! It'll be starting at 4:00pm CST on Saturday, June 20th. Be sure to bring money for pizza if you'd like to order some, BYOB, and if you have controllers for Xbox One's feel free to bring them!

@BusterBlade and @Kylock have been gracious enough to offer their equipment for the event, so we'll have at least two Xbox One's, a Wii U with many controllers, a Xbox 360, two N64s, and our lovely selves!

Would there be anyone out there that could offer up their Xbox One so we could potentially have another LAN deal with MCC (I swear it works now) with at least three TV's? I know @Glaberge and @Zack have brought their's in the past, not sure if you guys are interested in coming again.

Anywho, if you're new and don't have my address, just private message me here on the site and I'll gladly give it to ya!

Looking forward to seeing you guys again!
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