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November 12th, 2014


So apparently with the game being launched as a cluster fuck of bugs and issues, we're currently having doubts with how well the MCC will run for this LAN party.

That being said, who would have Xbox 360's/controllers and Halo 3, Reach, and 4 available? I hate to do this to everyone...but unless things start looking better...yeah this LAN party may not last long...

@Laurin, @glaberge, @Newbs, @Zack + 1, @MtntXproj46, @Trent, @Bradley, @Davfallamew, @greeniRez, @EthanTracy, @Lnkprk04, @Cazafex, @busterblade, @Pepsiman5555, @Glaberge, @Zack, @Cazafex...

I'm so sorry, again. Let me know, and we'll make a decision on Friday here.

Ignore previous posting. We should be set. Will have a good connection, and things will work out!
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