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April 13th, 2015

April #RTCommunityDay

So, I just spoke with the Brunswick Zone, and here are the deals we have with this place.

It is $90 a lane for two hours. It is also $6 per person for a round of lazer tag. If we were to book two lanes for those two hours, with six people per lane, it would cost $15 per person for the two hours.

So, the question is this. Would this be doable for you? I'm going to tag everyone that has expressed interest for the event, please let me know. I have until Wednesday to give them a response for the contract.

The lanes would be next to each other, and there are drinks available for purchase similar to a bowling alley bar.

@Reiderreiter, @Lnkprk04, @MtntXProj46, @Pepsiman, @BBirdseed (I know your better half is expecting, let me know!), @busterblade, @glaberge, @zack, @EthanTracy, @ShopClass, and @Laurin.

Please respond! We'd love to do this and test the waters at a new place!
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