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January 9th, 2015

January 17th RT Community Day LAN Party!

Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder of our Halo MCC LAN Party taking place on January 17th beginning at 4:PM CST!

@zack and @glaberge were kind enough to offer up their Xbox Ones and some controllers for the madness! If anyone that attended last November's plans to attend again and brought controllers, please feel free to do the same again!

We'll be having pizza ordered in again so bring some money for that, and it is bring your on beverages. This time I plan to drink coffee, so I don't end up dying!

Gonna tag everyone one more time, please respond if you plan on attending or aren't going to!

@MtntXproj46, @Trent, @Bradely, @Cazafex, @Busterblade, @Phil, @Razzed, @Dalester, @Jennacide, @Numb, @Pepsiman, @greeniREZ, @EthanTracy, @FancyHatGuy, and any others!
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