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May 24th, 2015

RT Community Day - June 20th Game Night!

Alrighty everyone,

So for June 20th, the next RT Community Day event, we're going to have to ask a few of you again to bring some TV's, Xbox Ones, controllers, etc. Would anyone be available to do that again like they had previous game nights?

We're going to be starting the Game Night around 4:00 PM CST, and it will be the same place as the last couple times down in Apple Valley.

We're looking to do more of a random mix of games this time around instead of just the LAN Party aspect. Sadly, we can't rely on Halo MCC to work properly at all times, even though some of the updates have drastically improved the game. We'll for sure give it a try, but with that, we might as well plan on having some N64, Wii U, Xbox 360, and other games taking the main stage.

So who is willing to volunteer some of their stuff?
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