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November 27th, 2012

Help needed

So, for those of you that still watch this group, I have a request:

Everyone knows by now what an awesome community Roosterteeth has and that RT has the best fans in the world. So here I am, making a plea and calling out for your help. On 2 projects, in fact. One is dire and in need of immediate attention, the other a kindness for you less fortunate site members.

Let's start right away:
Willow. An awesome, nice and funny site member and friend of mine in need of serious help.
As some of you know, she's been in a lot of shit, and she needs help. She needs it fast and she needs it a lot.
Some of you may not know her and wonder what the fuck this is about, others may want a refreshment. So go visit A Second Chance It's a fundraiser to help her mom from being evicted from her house. There's a lot of work to be done, but I'm hoping on this awesome community to get it done!
Any donation for her Fundraiser is welcome! So please help this great person out, any help would be much appreciated. And if you need extra motivation: There are perks you can choose from! You can select these if you make a minimum donation, however, you can always pay more if you'd like! PLEASE DONATE NOW. This is a very desperate cry because we are really running out of time here so PLEASE help out any way you can. Share this on Facebook, Twitter, RT, MySpace, ANYWHERE. I know all of your hard work will in the end be appriated a lot!

The second project I want to talk about is another awesome project entitled RTX for everyone! As a group right here on RT, you're eligible to join in by both receiving money which will allow you to go to RTX, as well as being able to donate for those less fortunate that won't be able to make it!
An awesome initiative that should definately also receive a lot of support. Let's help ALL of RT to RTX, shall we?

I know you guys are an awesome community, and I love every single one of you, but let's also prove to the world we are an awesome community by helping out our fellow members! Please do what you can to help Willow and her mom, and if you have some money left, don't be affraid to help others get to RTX as well!

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