The Communists are on the march again. Only one group can stop them. NATO of Blue vs. Red! Join the Alliance. People from all countries are welcome.

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The last time the world faced this threat, many nations came together to stop their advance. Now, we as individuals must join forces under one banner. NATO of Blue vs. Red.

Unlike our counterpart NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), we accept members from all nations opposed the the tyranny of the Soviet Flagbearers! You don't have to be from one the the other NATO's member countries to make a stand!

We promote freedom and individualism. If you choose to display the a banner as your avatar, that is your choice. If you choose not to, you will not be ostracized. This is what it means to be free, and it is this which we are fighting for.

Remember, this is not a flame war. It is a Cold War. So, go throw snowballs at them or something but remember Have Fun!
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February 10th, 2012

NATO Reach This Weekend

Well! Now that we've assembled our army, it's time to plan our assault against the rising Red Menace! I have established a couple of beach heads in Commie-land to establish when to launch our attacks.

[link=]Go! Invade their Motherland![/land] and vote for when it is best for you to launch your attack upon the Commie/b/tards!

Casting aspersions against those Pinkos is encouraged while you are there. If you feel creative, propaganda pics are welcome.
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