Breaking Bad
For those who like seeing Walter White's adventures in cooking crystal meth. And tightie-whities.

This is a group dedicated to that great AMC television show Breaking Bad.

Starring Bryan Cranston (of Malcom in the Middle fame) as Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher in New Mexico who discoveres that lung cancer has only given him a short time left to live. With a baby on the way, and a son who is in need of extra care, Walter turns to cooking crystal meth with a former student of his in order to leave some money for his family when he dies.

Unfortunately, Walter begins to learn that he may be in over his head. Will he stop his newfound life of crime, or will he keep going because it gives him a new sense of freedom that he's never felt before?
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July 11th, 2011

That Time Again.

Once again, the time has come to prepare ourselves for new episodes of Breaking Bad! We had to wait a bit longer than we used to, but in the end it'll be well worth the wait. After so many questions that were raised near the end of last season, it'll be exciting to see where they take this show next.

I've been staying away from all media relating to Season 4, as I would like to go in completely blind, not expecting anything. It's definitely more exciting not knowing what'll happen.

July 17th, people. It's almost here!
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