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Annual Fan Event in Vancouver, British Columbia

RvB CanWest was a fan even occurring since 2006. It has since been retired.

Thank you for so many awesome years!

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April 10th, 2013

Tickets are RED HOT!

Dear Future Pacific NerdWest Attendees,

We at Team PNW have been planning and posting the last couple months all the awesome stuff going on May 10th-12th:

* Guests like Fargo, Tiny Tina, the writer of Borderlands 2 and the rest of the Hey Ash crew;
* Game areas of the tabletop, card and video variety;
-Outdoor entertainment filled with role-playing, foam swords and Nerf;
* A vendors area with geeky wares from local artisans;
* Local venues working together with us to geek up the night;

AND besides all the fun, its a charity event supporting Childs Play, helping kids in hospitals have something to get their minds off of why theyre there.

I dont know about you, but that sounds like an event Id attend.

Sadly, no matter how pure your intention or how well you plan it, an event like this doesnt come cheap: renting event space, booking flights and hotels for guests, all the costs of printing posters/flyers and advertising. Itd be easy if we could slay the dragon, steal its loot and get the reward for rescuing the princess, but were not exactly rich knights that can afford high-end armour and weaponry. The biggest fuel behind this event is our nerd passion and excitement to throw the most kick-ass party we can possibly plan for all the geeks in the Pacific Northwest. Its also been amazing help having the dedicated vendors and sponsors that believe in our event and will be part of the driving force in making it an enjoyment for you. What we need now, to tighten all the last minute details and have all the legalities finalized, is for you to buy a ticket to the Bellingham nerd event of the season. PNW will be as strong and bad ass as we have it scheduled, and to aid in that, YOU need to click that link and purchase. It will also benefit us if you share our page or tell others about the event and get word-of-mouth flowing more. PNW is happening, we can promise that, but the sooner you get your tickets, the less likely were to break our controllers from stress.

For the next week, to get ticket sales up, we will be having a sale on tickets as follows:
As of Today $13.37 per ticket
Starting midnight on Friday $15
Starting midnight on Monday $17.50
Starting midnight on Wednesday Returns to normal price of $20

So CLICK HERE to buy now!

Pacific NerdWest
Bellingham, WA (2 hours North of Seattle and 1 hour South of Vancouver, BC)
May 10th - 12th (Yes, Mother's Day Weekend. Bring your Nerdy Mom! )

Mary's note: The vendor lineup looks AMAZING. I'm thrilled to be able to meet these local merchants and procure some of their wares. Bellingham is a wonderful college town with tons of great food, terrific drinks, a continued strong support of the arts, and a wonderfully geeky atmosphere. I urge every single one of you to come up/down and see for yourself.

Please help us out by spreading this around.
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