Monty Oum
You love Monty Oum and his girls. We do too.

Monty Oum is a self-taught movie maker that uses 3D animation. His videos have made a worldwide phenomenon using popular video game characters (videos below).

Also, he is awesome, is he not?

Check out our Sister Group, where Monty's RT work takes center stage! (most of the time)
We Are Pleased With Monty

Check out our Fan Art page, where we're accepting art in hopes that Monty might use it in a future video of his!
Monty Oum Fan Art

Dead Fantasy 01
Dead Fantasy 02
Dead Fantasy 03
Dead Fantasy 04
Dead Fantasy 05
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February 2nd, 2015


I miss him a lot. That's so not fair.

Thank you so much, Monty. For many, many things.
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