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Location: Leicester
Date: 1st - 3rd August, 2014
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Monday: Community Spotlight. [suggest here] - [archive]
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Thursday: Game Night. [suggest here]

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jamilio - Event Organiser / Team Leader
captainnai - Game Night Organiser
usblaze - Game Night Organiser
hightower - Let's Play Organiser
the_hybrid - Let's Play Organiser
makster - Community Spotlight Organiser
didsarahsay - Community Spotlight Organiser

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November 15th, 2014

EuropeanFestival of Animation&Machinima


Wonder why we have been absent recently?

We have been working on the announcement for the 10 year anniversary of the RoosterTeeh community event, RvBUK!

I am SO proud to announce that we will be running the European Festival of Animation and Machinima (featuring RvBUK).

Dates and such are not far away, but we have been getting our ducks in a row.

...metaphorically speaking

The E.F.A.M. event is a SideFest event, so please do keep an eye on the SideFest Twitter and Facebook for updates.

SideFest have 2 new events coming up.

One on Feb 21st in Leicester, and one on 4th April in Reading.
Not specifically RvBUK-related, but we're expecting to see a number of the community there.

Much love, the RvBUK team
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