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July 28th, 2014

News Reel

Well Comic-Con San Diego 2014 has come and gone, and now fans the world over can start obsessing over a whole new crop of geekdom. From Walking Dead to Game of Thrones, no stone of the Pop Culture Pantheon was left unturned. I just wanted to spotlight one movie in particular that made a trailer debut at Comicon this year and that's the latest theatrical film by writer, director & podcaster Kevin Smith.

For any of you that havn't seen the trailer of 'TUSK', should do so immediately. After having been so disappointed by his last major flicks, namely 'Red State', I had all but written the auteur off as relic of the 90s. Then I got into his amazing collection of podcasts on Stitcher and have been born again in the fandom that is Fat Kev Smith. Seriously, check out Hollywood Babble-On if you're a fan of shows like 'The Nerdist'. Not only that look for a televised version of it on AMC possibly this Fall. They honestly should just rename that channel from AMC to KEV, the man is taking it over one show slot at a time.

Now back to 'Tusk', which was originally conceived on one of the many podcasts hosted by the too-fat-to-fly movie maker. It hosts a great, and dynamic cast (Justin Long & Hayley Jo Osmond). A great villain (Micheal Parks). And premise too weird to believe that it all came from a real life personals ad: looking for a roommate, free room and board provided that tenant dress up like a lifelike walrus during the allotted agreement.

Coming out this September 19th, and must watch for this Halloween season!

TUSK the trailer.
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