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September 30th, 2014

This is Halloween!

Looks like I'm getting this one just under the wire. We are continuing the hiatus here at Screen Gems, the weeds have over grown the poor drive-in lot and the screen has faded and rusted in places, not to mention the concessions stand has seen better days. But its still creeping closer to Halloween and I'm determined to spread a bit of the season. And we're doing that with three drive-in Halloween Posters!

First up, in honor of the first horror of the season coming this Friday, our Annabelle spoof. I don't know if the movie will be any good, but I wanted spoof at least one modern day flick

Next up, our take on the classic Friday the 13th one sheet. I wasn't 100% pleased with last year's Halloween poster so here's another attempt at the F13 franchise.

And finally, a classic film and a favorite poster of mine, The Shining. I really think all the yellow really lends itself to the popcorn. One of Jack's best pictures, for sure.

I really do hope to have something to put up this Halloween season. Nothing like in previous years, but something to celebrate the best holiday ever. Its the very reason this whole group was started in the first place. The job hunt has taken a bit of an up swing as of late, and I hope to be in a new place in the next few weeks. So we'll wait and see!

As for the future of Screen Gems, well my wish for a more permanent place on the web is looking more and promising. I have a web developer that I'm working with and the frame work in development. Now if this new job comes through, I can put some money aside for server fees and the like. So hang on, we've got more coming!

And Happy Halloween!

The Mgt.
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