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Okay, here is the place where you learn all about what I am. So one day when I become famous you can tell your children, or neighbor or co-workers, I was one of his first fans, and I've spoken to him, looked into his eyes, gotten to know the real him.

This is all about the things I've experienced. The world I've seen, everything through my eyes. Everything I've loved, everyone, place, song, poem, person. Every song I've ever written, recorded, friend, life, everything that makes me who I am today.

An honest boy whom of which lives his life up to what he's always wanted it to be.

This is Remotes, this is me.
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June 15th, 2009

2 things.

I remember way back in the day when I was way loow on credits, when it seemed I wasn't going to graduate, I became a video director/editor/actor for the IKE Box, which is a local coffeehouse/venue/whatever else.

It is home to local concerts for really bad local bands, it has a recording studio, a Sunday church, photography studio, art gallery, everything that can spark that creativeness in a teenager.

I found two of my old videos that the instructor added to the IKEmedia profile on youtube. I had long hair way back then. It was nearly 3 years ago. Now I have to explain some things...

The IKE Box is named so because of its owners. The owners are foster parents local to West Salem. They were a new couple, just married and then the mans wife became pregnant. They spent months, moving to a home and neighborhood suitable to raise children, decorating his room, getting everything ready so they will be able to bring a child into this world confidently. The baby died after 3 hours of life. After mourning, they decided it would be awhile before they'd try again.

The couple then sadly dismembered the babys room and then added bunk beds on either side of the room. Dressers, closet space, cloths shoes, everything to entertain a teenager and keep them on the right track in school, and life, books, and entire library in their home, a study room.

The "Isaac's Room" order had begun. They were foster parents. Taking unwanted or neglected, abused children and caring for them, loving them in Isaac's Room. Now the IKE Box is a new area of Isaac's Room. It's the toy box for these teenagers that society has turned away. It is their sanctuary, as it was mine these years ago.

Our film class was to create a group of commercials that would have somewhat of a deeper meaning. Original concept by myself and my teacher Jim Johnson. I present: "This Is Me."

And then later just for the fun of it and to help train the new students who had joined me and my teacher, me being the veteran of the class, we made a fun little video. Entitled simply, My Sweets

Have fun with them. Recommend them, favorite them. Whatever. My Sweets is by far very entertaining and I actually really need to find a way to contact my old teacher for his collection of other works he and I had created. "Joey Ramone vs Cyber Spawn" is epic.
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