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gus Cast & Crew
Theme song updateHey guys, I wanted to thank everybody who has submitted a theme song for us to use. As of right now I have over 30 potential theme songs queued up for future podcasts. If you'd like to try your hand at sending us a podcast email us a theme song to

I always have a blast listening to the entries and I can't wait for you guys to hear them.
5 years ago  |  Comments (17)
geoff Cast & Crew
5 years ago  |  Comments (93)
gus Cast & Crew
6 years ago  |  Comments (59)
gus Cast & Crew
Drunk Tank Schedule ChangesThe big wigs at the network have decided to change our time slot. We are going to rearrange the schedule by which we release content on the website so as a result Drunk Tank is affected. Now that Red vs Blue has started up again it is taking the coveted Monday time slot. We of course have Comics on Tuesday and Thursday. Live action shorts will be moving to Friday. SO, since there is only one weekday left, Drunk Tank is moving to Wednesday. Tomorrow will mark our first Wednesday Drunk Tank, and moving forward they will be released on Wednesdays.
6 years ago  |  Comments (43)
gus Cast & Crew
Drunk Tank Theme SongHey guys, you may have noticed that every week during the podcast we have a different person sing our podcast theme song. Well, I would like to standardize on a podcast theme song, so I'm opening it up to the community for some help! If anybody would like to make us a theme song we'd love to hear it. Please email whatever you make to We'll go through the entries and use a couple of them over the next few weeks (if we get enough entries) and see which one works best. Entries that are totally original and don't contain any licensed music are definitely preferred.

Thanks, and good luck!
6 years ago  |  Comments (44)
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