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gus Cast & Crew
Drunk Tank #67We are proud to present our first "enhanced podcast" available for download. Download it via iTunes, Zune Marketplace, or via direct download.

If you can not play the m4a file, there is also an mp3 version

If you have time to spare (and haven't already done so), please take one of the podcast surveys:
Normal survey
Short survey

I have discovered that having long URLs in the enhanced podcast causes the links to become disabled, so they are not functional in this podcast. I will begin using tinyurl next week to fix this problem.

enhanced podcast
Revelation episode 10
RvB Season 1 episode 10
Burnie's cot
New Xbox 360
Burnie's Best Buy picture
Vampire power
Jack spoils stuff
Sigmund Freud
NCAA Football game
Cirque du Soleil Kinect event
Cirque du Soleil Love
75 foot tall stripper pole
Steamworks on PS3
Geoff played Fable3
Call of Duty Black Ops pyrotechnics
Old Republic Hope trailer
Mega64 Cosplayerz Costumery Crisis
Xbox Live Gold Family
Metal Gear Solid: Rising
Metal Gear Solid 2 E3 2000 trailer
I Am Alive
Man goes Osama Bin Laden hunting
Fighting Cock
Virginia Moonshine
Flashover Games
Moonshine Grill
5 years ago  |  Comments (154)
gus Cast & Crew
M4A exampleSince many people aren't sure if they would benefit from an enhanced podcast, here is a 2 minute test that Geoff and I just recorded. Of course in a regular podcast I wouldn't be changing the links nearly as often, I just wanted you to see how it worked and if the file would play on whatever player you normally use. Let me know what you think in the comments.

right click and save as

Of course if we decide to offer enhanced podcasts we would still offer an mp3 version for the people who are afraid of progress and technology.
5 years ago  |  Comments (184)
gus Cast & Crew
Audio format questionWould you care if the audio format of the podcast changes from .mp3 to a .m4a (aac) file?

If you don't like the .m4a file, what if I told you I could then update the podcast artwork with images and urls (kind of like a live link dump) as the podcast is playing?

I'd really like to change it but I don't want to do it if it upsets too many people.

from what I can tell it works with iPods, iPhones, Zunes, Droids and most mp3 players. It works in iTunes and Winamp (but not Windows Media Player).

--second edit--
this is what it would look like in iTunes:
5 years ago  |  Comments (268)
gus Cast & Crew
Survey!Hey guys, the Drunk Tank is growing up a bit and wants to learn about the people who listen to us. This is totally optional but if you have free time could you take a survey for us? This is the same survey I already posted in the Drunk Tank forum so if you took it there you shouldn't take it again.

If you have like 8 minutes to kill you can take the normal length survey.

If you have like 3 or 4 minutes could you take our short survey?

We're trying to better measure how many people listen to the podcast and learn a bit about you. If there are any questions in the survey you don't like or you feel doesn't apply please feel free to leave it blank.

Thanks guys.
5 years ago  |  Comments (110)
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