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Fun Social Experience for one and all...within the RT community of course

Inspired by great nights of Shenanigans, epic battles, and Freight loads of fun.

We are here to have great, memorable times in video games...and how hard could that really be when the Community here, is the best there is.

So come on in, meet some great people from RT, and blast each other half to hell...only to do it again each night...but most importantly...

Have Fun.

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We constantly have games and shenanigans...please don't put yourself out of the loop!

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April 10th, 2015


Dear Two Thousand Seven Hundred Nineteen members...all of which maybe twenty will read this. Long ago after a random night of memorable Halo Shenanigans with EIGHT other incredible individuals, I made this group...The rest is history. I could never have imagined what that was going to entail...the unimaginable fun and the people I've met along the way that I will Love with all my heart for the rest of my days at the rate I'm going who knows how many are left... Worth it .... It's for that very reason that we carried on a as ling as we did... I'm here to say...I miss it more than I'd ever care to really admit. More than that, I feel crushed knowing that there still exist the possibilities exist for others to make the connections and memories many others as well as I made though this group.

Heres the thing though...This site is not what it used to be, many old school people can agree..not only that but attempting to navigate this site on a mobile phone is like trying to make my way through a corn maze on Acid and meth...meaning I unfortunately stay away from it altogether. Not too long ago I made a group on Facebook with the great official crew. Same name and Everything. Not looking to resurrect this monstrosity but more or less looking to return to its roots. Just a bunch of Fucking Nerds...playing video games, laughing at stupid Shit and being social...the memories and the fun they're just the cherry on top.

Send me a message on Facebook ( Adrian Miztli Becerril ) and we'll get the good times rolling.

Hope to hear from you..
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