I would totally F*ck.... Matt?
He's..... somewhat attractive?

Matt's... kind of a cool guy. He like, edits things and knows stuff about kids movies. He's also paranoid, which might be an upper for some people. He... uh..... has some stubble. That's alright, I guess. Ummmmmm, running out of good things to say about him. Oh, he has a shiny forehead, so you could look at your reflection in it. That'd be useful if your mirror was broken and you needed to fix your hair or brush your teeth or something. I've heard he also smells a lot like a fresh grilled virgin barracuda, so if your into fish that's kinda nice. Anyone... Matt? No one? Okay. Well if you change your mind then he'll be waiting by the phone. Not like he's been doing anything tonight. Or tomorrow night. Or any night in the near future. Or just the regular future. I mean he's been waiting for a phone call for 35 years, he can probably wait another 20.
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October 17th, 2012

So... that was interesting.

You didn't have to buy me chocolates too, I'm a cheap date. You had me at condom.
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