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The "I Would Totally F**k Jack" Group
*You know you love a man with a big gamerscore*

Jack has brought us achievement after achievement and the bigger are gamerscore gets. The more we love him for bringing us the easiest ways to get them. You know you love that big sexy belly
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March 21st, 2010


I'm glad to report how many jack groups have been created since last year. This is a great triumphant for human kind and extraterrestrial life......!?WHAT?!

Alright then I wanna let every one know I WAS STILL THE FIRST JACK GROUP BITCHES!!!!

Ok that last part was uncalled for.

Thanks for reading I might make a new parody picture of jack in the next month or the month after that or maybe in the next year or two or NEVER jk jk I will but not any time soon.

Thank you and good night NY
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