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seriously, who does not love music about comics, video games, internet porn addiction and caffeine?

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March 8th, 2014

SXSW 20214!!!


Are you in Austin and want to check out some AMAZING nerdcore shows starting tonight??? Well, you are in luck! ^_^ Check out the Nerdcore Shows calender for a list of all the shows for SXSW. If more shows are announced I will make sure they are added. The Official Showcase will be Tues at Flamingo Cantina which will have an amazing line-up:

08:00 - Teenburger (Timbuktu and GhettoSocks)
08:25 - Adam WarRock
08:50 - Tribe One
09:15 - More or Les
09:45 - Dr Awkward
10:15 - MC Lars
10:55 - Jesse Dangerously
11:40 - MC Frontalot
12:25 - Schaffer the Darklord
01:15 0 Random (Mega Ran)

Hope to see everyone at the shows ^_^...
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