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May 15th, 2015

Community Day; Happy Birthday to Us

Happy RT Community day.....uh, Community. Hopefully all of you are communing communally, while maybe watching Community.

What about us, you ask? Oh, we're fine. We're all just so busy nowadays. But you know what? WE TURNED FIVE YEARS OLD THIS WEEK!! On our birthday two years ago, I wrote about our origin story. On this day, it feels appropriate to revisit it. If you feel like reading it, click here. It's a blast from the past.

Man, it's crazy how time flies. It seems like not too long ago, RTX hadn't been invented yet and we were trying to organize the first RT fan event in Texas. Feels like just yesterday we held our first big event in Waco, where we ate Rudy's, played paintball, and threw the nerdiest kegger ever. Pro Tip: Watch AHWU #97 (0:35) to see the best AHWU intro ever, in which we shot @Hotpocket36 and @Echovector with paintballs. Good times.

We kind of dropped the ball on our celebration this year, but we are thinking about a BBQ this summer. Remember though, we exist to connect fans throughout the state of Texas. So if you know of any events, or want to organize one yourself, let us know. We're your Texas-based network for the RT Community.

Five years. Golly.
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