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My StoryWow...I just realized my last post was exactly 1 year ago. Scarry. Anyways here is the story I was writing at that time. I should add some more to it maybe. If you guys would like to hear more of it, leave a comment and I might actually write some more. Thats all. - Peace out

- 1 -

The ship lands softly on the red surface. A perfect landing, just like you rehearsed it dozens of times in the simulator. Only this time, it’s real. You are about to become the first human being in the entire history of the universe to breathe the Martian air. You place your hand on the door handle, your heart beating faster than you ever could have imagined. You pull the handle.

When you open your eyes, the joyful feeling stays with you for a brief moment. This is the happiest you have felt during the past 7 days. It is only a few seconds before you realize that it was your shitty alarm that just disrupted your happiness. Then it hits you- this is the day you were anxiously waiting for. Until a week ago that is. If only you would have gotten that one question right. You should have known the answer. It was all that asshole Jeff’s fault. If he hadn’t asked you to borrow a damn pen you would be the happiest person in the universe right now. But instead, he is the happiest person. You despise him now. But you are going to have to deal with him every day once he gets back from the trip to Mars. You would prefer to move somewhere far away from him but there is nowhere else on the entire fucking moon to move to because of the recent overpopulation of Earth. The only good thing is that your job is one of the highest paying ones around. Yet, you just can’t help but be depressed for now. You will eventually get over it. You think.

- 2 -

“Fucker!” the man behind you yells as you pull in front of him and take the last parking space. You just laugh and ignore him as you exit your hovercraft and enter the headquarters for work. Just as you expected, the entire city is out back at the launch pad. You decide to go up to the control room to watch the launch because there are so damn many people down on the ground. As you’re walking, you realize that throughout the week you have felt worse as the launch got closer. Today, the terrible feelings seemed to be amplified times a thousand. However, you’re glad when you see that Todd is up in the control room. He is probably the one person you aren’t feeling angry at right now. When he asks you if you are excited about the launch, you tell him yes. You have no fucking clue why you say yes. You guess that it will make you feel better to say yes, but it doesn’t. You just can’t say that you are excited because inside you know that you should be on that ship right now, not Jeff. But after thinking about it for a while, you realize that maybe it’s a good thing you’re not going to Mars. You think about all of the bad things that could happen on the expedition. Maybe the ship won’t even make it to Mars safely. Maybe Jeff will get what you think he deserves.
As the ship takes off, you feel a sense of relief that you never could have imagined feeling just a few hours ago. For one, you are glad that Jeff is now gone. But more importantly you know that unlike him, you are in no danger here.
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