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27 year-old male from England

my friends describe me as cool, nerdy and funny, but I aint smart enough to be nerdy
I have quite a few friends, most of which dont play many games,

I like machinima obviously, as it is an amazing form of entertainment!
I love gaming, I have too many games I havent completed most of them, not totally, I get bored easily,
and I love ultra-violence in videogames(Condemned 2 is awesome!)
and I like random things, like random people wanting to be my friends, I dont mind that!!
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CS:S LP!I am looking for anyone who plays CounterStrike: Source on Steam for a short and possibly one-time only Let's Play...

I'm not looking for expert MLG players with 1337 skillz or anything like that.. I'm just looking for anybody that can have fun without rage quitting cause your life span is only 5seconds.{which mine generally is.} So if you love playing CounterStrike and don't have and or need tons of mods that will slow everyone down for no reason then send me a message or a comment!

The gaming shall take place on Sunday at about 3pm GMT [10amEST] and last until I or we all get bored or sick of it!

You won't get anything... apart from your name in credits and a chance to show off your awesomeness. and possible first choice for future shennanigans that shall also be recorded for entertainment values.
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Name Mark
Occupation Out of work ideas man! and struggling writer!
Birthday July 3rd, 1987
Interests Machinima!!!(of course greatest form of entertainment ever!!) music football(real football where you use your feet!!) playing Darts(I'm really quite good) and gaming of course and doing various normal kind of 21yo activities!
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Music Metal.... Slayer! Metallica Cult of Luna Johnny Truant Machine Head Dimmu Borgir Cradle of Filth Rammstein Iron Maiden(best band of all time!) Judas Priest Black Sabbath Ozzy Osborne Megadeth Hatebreed Isis Converge Coldworker Cannibal Corpse Carcass Napalm Death Viking Skull Turisas Flintroll Alestorm Amon Amarth Slipknot Lacuna Coil Heaven and Hell SYL 36Crazyfists Alexisonfire Kiuas Bleeding Through Lamb of God Devil Sold His Soul Boimechanical CandleMass Cavalera Conspiracy Children of Bodom Deicide Dragonforce! Firewind General Surgery Genitorturers In Flames Mastodon Meshuggah Mushroomhead McQueen My Dying Bride Protest the Hero Rob Zombie Testament and for some reason I love to death... Coheed and Cambria cause thier just plain awesome!
Movies any war movies really or sci-fi movies or martial arts movies or horror movies
TV Shows The Simpsons(legends) Family Guy Soccer AM(Tubes is legend!! lol) Star Trek Doctor Who Firefly(when it was on best show ever almost!!) Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis Futurama The A Team(quit your jibba jabba you gotta love the team fool!) WWE(all the brands) American Dad
Books Dune The amory wars.
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