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25 year-old male from the Velvet Room
I don't want to tell you too much about me, so I'm doing my profile Scott Pilgrim style!

Matthew "Kazuya" Kerins
17 Years Old
The Antihero and/or Antagonist.
Rating: "Somewhat" Awesome.
Fun Fact: King of the "Pimp Arcana"!
Status: Currently obsessed with Persona 4, Hellsing, and Metal Gear!
Level up my squiby!!!!!

That's me. Please, no mean comments.

I do not accept random friend requests at the mean time. If I know you, or you want to know me, then talk to me first.
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I HAVE RETURNED! (Like anyone cares, really...)I'm back, people! Sorry I've been gone for so long! How have you all been doing!?

-Matt K.
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Name Matthew
Occupation Biggest gamer EVER!
Birthday February 5th, 1990
Interests Gaming gaming gaming more gaming and... swimming.
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Music Panic at the Disco Flogging Molly Ozzy Osbourne The Beatles Gorillaz
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Books The Divine Comedy (Dante's Inferno) Watchmen anything by Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler Scott Pilgrim.