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27 year-old male from Madison, WI or Enid, OK

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100% of people with crap like this in their profiles are douchebags. If you're a douchebag and don't quite know how to show the world, copy and paste this. Fucking Copy cat.
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The RT RNG Gods have looked this way, apparentlyUm.. Thanks guys. I appreciate it.
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Name Jon
Occupation Air Traffic Control/The Dude
Birthday January 9th, 1988
Interests I enjoy long walks on the beach reading books by the fire and kicking the ass of anyone who thinks I'm serious. Closer to the mark: Planes Music Movies and Football. There's some other stuff too but they're things we don't talk about at parties.
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Music Pretty much anything except boybands. They can go to hell and die No really. Hell and die. And any music involving a 16 yr old girl. They suck. (I9;m looking at you Simpson)
Movies Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas the Shawshank Redemption and Out Cold. Why Out Cold you may ask? Because I need a bucket a paintbrush and 10 pounds of Salt. Lance. Get his pants.
TV Shows Does "Monday Night Football" count as a TV Show? "What about Monday Night Countdown?" Then I guess its just whatever happens to catch my fancy at that moment in time.
Books See: Crichton King Clancy and the one book Brown wrote then printed off 1000's off copies with different names. Seriously all his books are the fucking same!