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24 year-old female from Levittown, NY
I'm Julie, 4'11 and loving it. Not your average girl. I'm pretty unique. I'm 21 and I live in this hell hole town called Levittown in New York. If you want to criticize me and be annoying don't even bother because i will just block you. I do accept random friend request so feel free to add me and message me at any point.
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livin it upWow I totally forgot about this site. long time since I've been on here. I've just been so busy. My life consists of just non stop work and partying every night. I love it. I work my ass off though which is a good thing but at the same time bad. I work at least 70+ hours a week and then party all night so I don't really sleep as much. I started seeing someone recently. He was stationed in fort drum and he deployed to iraq about three weeks ago. So it's been pretty hard coping with that which was totally expected so. It's hard to let go of someone who took away everything I had for my ex and made me feel so good. So I've just been stickin' it out with that. In the mean time I hit up the clubs all week and dance and have a good time with my crew. There's seven of us in my group and we are like one big family. I love my life and I love that I'm livin' it up. I'll prolly post picture up when I can since I have a lot of them. I hope everyone on here is well and I'll see ya later.

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Name Julie
Occupation Total OG. Sales associate for island rec
Birthday August 8th, 1990
Interests Cars video games boys friends music love
Music Anything basically. I love bands like Brand New Silverstein Just Surrender Guns N Roses Journey Bedlight For Blue Eyes Pink Floyd and others. I also am into rap or anything with a good beat. I love Dmx T-pain Akon Swizz Beats etc. Im also into classical music since I am a musician.
Movies Horror or Comedy or Drama. Also Disney movies. Favorites: Gremlins Leprechaun movies The Bucket List Whats Eating Gilbert Grape The Notebook etc.
TV Shows Csi Ghost Whisperer
Books Stephen King Shakespeare etc.