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22 year-old female from Earth,.. ..I think
I love playing Games although I prefer to play offline.
I'm not one of those fake girl gamers that think they're MLG because they play FarmVille.
I play real games like: Halo, CoD, Gears of War, InFamous, Skyrim, The Order: 1886, Dying Light, Fallout, Mass Effect, etc...
Me and my friend have also been writing a book for the past six months and I can't wait to show it off to some of you!
I am Bi-Sexual and I used to have a medical condition but that got fixed after an operation.
Also Shoutout to my Girlfriend: mcdonaldsrox
I accept random friend requests and last but not least... ...Welcome to my Profile!
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Hungover!last night I had a small party to celebrate my cast coming off.
I think I proved that the irish drink like fish...
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