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23 year-old female from Earth,.. ..I think
I love playing Games although I prefer to play offline.
I'm not one of those fake girl gamers that think they're MLG because they play FarmVille.
I play real games like: Halo, CoD, Gears of War, InFamous, Skyrim, The Order: 1886, Dying Light, Fallout, Mass Effect, etc...
Me and my friend have also been writing a book for the past six months and I can't wait to show it off to some of you!
I am Bi-Sexual and I used to have a medical condition but that got fixed after an operation.
Also Shoutout to my Girlfriend: mcdonaldsrox
I accept random friend requests and last but not least... ...Welcome to my Profile!
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The Witcher: Wild HuntSo has anyone else been playing this yet?
I brought my PS4 to London with me (of course) and I picked up a copy.
All I can say is Oh, my, God! It's amazing!
I was a massive fan of Assassin of kings and Wild Hunt has not fallen short!
To be honest Wild Hunt has put Dragon Age: Inquisition to shame so far, between growing facial hair, slaying monsters, lifting curses, tracking missing people, growing facial hair, playing as Ciri and growing facial hair it has it all!
Seriously, if you have a spare £50 in the next week or so, then I highly recommend you buy it!

"It's the best fantasy game since Skyrim!" -HaloLauren 10/10
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