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RP-ODST CharactersThis a more in -depth look as too my characters in this RP

Name: Kusovai Zontamee
Age: 23
Race: Elite
Rank: Spec Ops Commander
Weapon of choice: Beam rifle and Energy sword
Equipment: Advanced Prototype Tactical System: integrated within armor allowing kusovai to keep track of his squad at all times with access to a real-time video feed of what they are seeing and a mini-map of the immediate area allowing him to always know where they are. Also allows Kusovai to issue orders to each member directly and individually.

Appearance: has white primary and black secondary with his armor being the commando model

Pros: Excellent tactician having shown miraculous amounts of luck and adaptability

Cons: Too Egotistical. The tactical system usually takes up the majority of Kusovaiâ€s thinking power as he is constantly keeping watch on his team and the immediate area.

Name: Vortes Vadomee
Age: 30
Race: Elite
Rank: Special Operations Minor Domo
Weapon of choice: Dual Plasma Rifles
Equipment: Communications Jammer
Advanced Prototype Weapon Energy-Cores: Modified cores inserted into all of Vortes’ equipment allowing for more efficient use. The only thing this affects are his plasma rifles and jammer, allowing the PRs to fire for longer and faster bursts and upon overheating can more quickly cool down and is capable of recharging at a slow rate (5sec=1%charge). Also allows the jammer to run longer and be effective at longer ranges.

Appearance: Jet black combat armor

Pros: Skilled fighter capable of takeing on multiple opponents in a firefight.

Cons: A “by the book” kind of warrior not comfortable with some of the methods Kusovai uses but is loyal none the less. Tends to speak his mind often with Kusovai over his tactics and orders, starts many verbal arguments within the squad.

Name: Lios patumee
Age: 32
Race: Elite
Rank: Special Operations major Domo
Weapon of choice: Fuel Rod Cannon
Equipment: 4 Plasma Grenades and a Gravity Lift
Advanced Prototype Energy Shield: Put in place of the normal shield generator, this version has a normal shield strength comparable to that of an over-shield modifier.

Appearance: Jet black with silver secondary assault armor

Pros: Explosives expert capable of clearing any path, or blocking it. Capable of using his gravity lift in conjunction with his grenades to intricately place grenades in places otherwise impossible.

Cons: Too straight forward, incapable of any form of stealth, has too much joy seeing things explode(easily distracted). The energy shielding system, compared to normal shields, takes twice as long to charge at a base rate. (meaning, that what takes a normal shield 5-7 seconds to recharge one bar, Lios’ would take 10-14 just to recharge one bar and then another just for both.)

Name: Frits Iadee
Age: 37
Race: Elite
Rank: Special Operations Major Domo
Weapon of choice: Plasma Pistol
Equipment: Regenerator
No Advanced Prototype Equipment L

Appearance: Grey with black secondary combat armor

Pros: The medic of the squad capable of any frontline first aid.

Cons: Not as capable of a fighter as the others. Not always treated fairly by his squad mates due to his role as the medic of the squad.

Name: Sovinas Zaluranee
Age: 31
Race: Elite
Rank: Special Operations Ultra
Weapon of choice: Covenant Carbine
Equipment: Flair and Power Drainer
Advanced Prototype Optical Sensors: Optical sensors integrated within Sovinas†visor allowing him to see in thermal and night-vision. Also allows enhanced eye sight akin to binoculars

Appearance: Silver with black secondary Assault armor

Pros: The second-in-command capable of issuing orders when Kusovai isn’t present

Cons: Has anger problems and isn’t as skilled at commanding the squad as Kusovai
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