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Male from Stockport, England
Sup nerds.
I'm Eddie, or Harby, I don't mind which is used.

I've been watching Red vs Blue since season 1 when I was like 8, my dad works in the video game industry so he heard about RvB pretty quickly so I used to watch it every week, I've been a strong fan ever since.

I'm an 18 year old film student here in the UK, and one day I hope to move to the US and work for a big film studio or something, it's actually always been my dream to work for Roosterteeth but like that's gonna happen, anyway thanks for stopping by I guess idk what else to say, oh also i love video games, but being on RT that should be obvious right?
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RTXI'm so jealous of everyone who's gone to RTX, but I'm glad there are plenty of photos on my homepage so I can imagine I was there while sitting here getting fat and playing LoL.
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