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20 year-old male from Texas
Currently in the IT field. HALO 4 FTW
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I'm back!Ok, so I know it has been awhile since I last posted, but it's not my fault! Ok mostly not my fault, however, I will be on for a few months longer. Seeing how Bungie decided to be gay and not make any more Halos and going out with a bang I don't know if I will be intrigued in this site like I was before. I know this is shocking to us all, but most people won't feel the same way again will Red cs. Blue gone forever. This is not the time to be sad, but a time to be glad! Bungie day is coming up and we have to be strong and unite againsts te forces of Bungie. We have to make them eat their words and not our steaks! There is no honor without glory, and there is no glory without a fight.! Never back down, and always stand your ground. They maybe the creaters and possibly have a few tricks up their sleeves, but we have the power of a brain an not a computer which they will probably use.

We must be strong, vigilant, stealthy, and cold. We have lost many battles in this war, but that is the past, the future awaits and this war will be one by us, the players. Stop Bungie dead in there tracks. Show them why not creating anymore Halos was a bad decision!

Quick is smooth, Smooth is fast, fast is lethal!
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