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32 year-old male from North Tonawanda, NY

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Time for an Update!Looks like roughly a year ago since i have given ya'll some news. I ended up switching majors form CET (electronics) to VC (Visual Communications). I am currently in i think my 4th quarter for VC and i am learning things like 3Ds Max and Flash as well as some lesser needed classes like Typography and Art Appreciation. However things have been going all right, school is good, van needs a bit or work done to it, XBOX is still powering my games, and there is a chinese place right down the street from school lol. I have grown quite alot in these last few months and i have figured out its easier to let stupid people be stupid and just live your own life. If i ever find myself having to deal with stupid people and their stupid problems i kindly ask the stupid person to leave so i can get my own shit done without wasting my time on them. i have gotten a bit distant from my family as they dont really enjoy anything electronic related as they are all very good with their hands and rather creative. I on the other hand don't really worry about it and i just try to chug along with school waiting to be done here so i can get a nice job move out and start my own life free from the rules and family crap at home. I still don'r have a GF or a job so im pretty broke as well as having no one personal to really talk to about shit in my life. Ah well another day another dollar right? Well i have recently uploaded a crap ton of new pics as i have found quite a lot of good artists, and anime out there. If you wanna play Mass Effect or GoW shoot me a message on XBOX at Plutofour or if you wanna play Borderlands or something steam related try Plutofour as well lol. I am still an avid World of Warcraft Player and i play horde and Alliance now. Horde @ Shu'halo & Alliance @ Shadowsong.

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