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20 year-old male from Niles, Illinois
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I'm your average nerdy College student studying Video Game Art. I play my xbox most of the time and I'm trying to get most of my achievements in games. I am a nerdy kid currently dating the greatest person ever. Come and give me a chat!
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Rooster Teeth Game Production?Lately I have been thinking to myself. "Man, I love RT and AH so much, but I wish that there was just some more that they could do." And in the midst of my thinking and sitting in my Game Production class I came to thinking.


This thought occurred to me as I was thinking about other topics and stuff, while also watching a recent Things to do in:. They have virtually every thing they need to make a game, minus one entity but I will go over everything in a moments time.

The only problem with this is that to my knowledge no one in the company has any experience with making video games or even the knowledge to make a game, at least production wise. Now, if by some miracle, they happen to get and/or have some one who has knowledge on how to make games or hires someone who does, ahem *clears throat* nudge nudge wink wink I think they have the potential to make something, and here is why:


While they have no knowledge as to how to run game companies, they have the potential to lead a team and get shit going. While the producer on the project isn't only about yelling at people, they have to be very organized and be able to keep track of assignments, numbers, and work spreadsheets and tables fairly easy, which I think the higher ups at RT can do fairly simply.

Not only do we have the fine art work and animations of the one and only Monty Oum,but they have a large number of staff members that are artist and animators. The only difference between game art and video art is the resolution that all the models and textures that are made at to allocate for a faster gaming experience. This isn't a hard feat to do. While I was taught how to do game resolution and low poly modeling, it is easy to switch to high poly and movie resolution modeling. This was the part that I think the company would have no problem with.

While this maybe a long stretch, but I believe that the people of Achievement Hunter, could be potential designers for the game of which they concept. Granted, yes, they do not know the core mechanics of using an engine such as Unity or UDK, however, I think with just a little time and effort, they could easily learn how to put prefabs from the Unity library into the scene they have created. Now, the only issue that they will be have, depending on what game they are looking to create, is a systems designer. One that crunches all the numbers and makes them work and can be balanced. This is a terribly hard job to have and consist of number crunching and making formulas. Other than that, being the people who play games all day every day, I think they would have a fairly creative mind, enough to create excellent levels and excellent story ideas.

Programmers (and the main issue)
I have no idea where RT stands on programmers and there knowledge on what language they know and how far they can go with it, but I feel like if this is a problem, free lancing programmers, or teaching them basic knowledge of C# and C++ would lead them to a far off land of game programming and tons of fun.

So, with that I conclude that while they currently don't have everything it takes to make a game, I think they are at least 75% ready to make a game. So, be looking out for an RVB game coming to you summer of 2015!
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