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Male from Houston, TX
I've been recording and editing gameplay videos for the past 4 years, although the (vast) majority of the videos I made are no longer on the internet. Oh yeah, they're archived somewhere, but they were all on YouTube and I closed my old YouTube account. I managed to grow a very very very modest "fanbase" in the Halo community during Halo: Reach by making moderately popular forge maps, primarily Race tracks and Mini games, a few of which ended up on the AH show "Game Night" and one of which got Geoff to call me "Hi I'm asshole" in HORSE.

YT: www.youtube.com/user/HIIMCAPSLOCK
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I'm looking to actually get involved in the community.So I've had an account on this site for a solid 3 years now, but I generally keep all of my browsing to Reddit and watch all of the videos on YouTube. However, after hearing nothing but good things about the community on the site itself I really want to give getting involved in the community another shot. The main issue, though: I have no idea how to do that.

Or, to be more specific, I kind of feel like I missed the boat. Like I wasn't around when the community site launched, or when some group or something was created. I feel like there's a barrier to entry that I just don't really understand how to bypass. I'm also making this whole thing sound super mechanical, but hopefully all 2 of the people who read this get the idea. I really want to get involved in the community, but I have no idea how to.

In the past I've irregularly posted on the forums, but that didn't really make me feel like I was part of the community. It was just a bunch of talking heads, and I wasn't making friends or meeting anyone. Everyone (including me) seemed to just post a response and leave, not really a ton of interaction. I'm also not 100% clear on how you're supposed to meet people and make friends by posting Journals, since the only people who see these are the people who are either already friends with me or are following me (for some unknown reason). I guess there's a good chance that's partially due to the fact that most of my journals are just me talking about my YouTube channel (another thing I need to get back to) and that's not a great way to make friends.

Anyways, if anyone could post advice in some form or another I'd appreciate the shit out of it. From what I've heard, this community sounds like something I don't want to be missing out on.
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