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RT Recap: Ambushing the Staff Returns
Week of September 14th
This week, JJ and Blaine ambush the staff again in another whacky recap.
RevDrMarquis Cast & Crew
This Saturday marks the premiere of Social Disorder, Rooster Teeth's new hidden camera show starring the very talented @Chris Demarais, and the even more very talented, Aaron Marquis, who also happens to be me.

The premise for Social Disorder is simple: Two friends, Chris and myself, create elaborate social experiments and compete against one another for points. Whoever completes the objective for the experiment -- or gets the most points for creativity, absurdity, style, etc. -- wins that episode.

And the goal for our first episode? Get a body bag from my apartment down to the river in 30 minutes or less, using only our feet and/or public transportation. Also, to add a bit of realism, w...
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