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Barbara Cast & Crew
It's our 12-Year Anniversary!Hello, friends!

TODAY IS ROOSTER TEETH'S 12-YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Soon we'll be older than YOU! Yes, it makes sense, just go with it.

Since we like to go big for our big day, we have some special surprises and announcements.


To celebrate 12 years, we're having a SALE in the RT Store! 12% off for 12 days in ALL stores (US, UK, and Australia)! Use the code "RT12YEARS" at checkout to get your discount. To get ready for you Anniversary shoppers, we've made it easier to browse the store for your things from your favorite show, as we now have Show Categories. You can find merchandise for Achievement Hunter, RWBY, Red vs. Blue, and general Rooster Teeth stuff. To sweeten the deal even more, we also have new items in our store, including all the Red vs. Blue Character Prints we've been posting on our site, the RWBY Nora figure, new button packs, and more!


Red vs. Blue Season 13, Episode 1 was released yesterday for Sponsors, but is available for everyone today at 5 PM CT! Sponsors will get to see RvB (as well as many other popular series) a whole day early moving forward, so get your Sponsorship NOW!


Rooster Teeth is proud to announce it's venture into the App world! We've just released our first one for you all to try - It's called Shaft Shots! Get a look here.


A new episode of Sunday Driving is coming this Sunday, but starting today, AH will be doing a play-through of Borderlands the PreSequel where the guys use melee and no guns. See that on or !


We've been doing more than ever for our Sponsors lately, so if you have yet to become a Sponsor, you might not realize what you're missing. First, we're releasing some of our biggest shows early - not just a few hours early- but a whole DAY early! Be the first to see RvB, Let's Play Minecraft, Happy Hour, Shorts, and more to come.

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Gray Cast & Crew
RWBY Game Update!"No more awkward small talk or 'getting-to-know-you' stuff. Today, I get to let my sweetheart do the talking!"

It's Rooster Teeth's birthday, but it's sponsors who get the loot! We've updated the RWBY video game alpha with enhancements to what we now call the "Extermination" mission, including new Grimm, and a variety of tweaks to gameplay and the environment. And (drum roll, please) MULTIPLAYER! Up to four players can join a session and hunt Grimm together! Be sure to take a look at the new Player Guide here for more information.

Thanks to everyone who's been checking out the game so far. We've got a comment system on the main game page now, so please do leave your feedback! Huge thanks to Jordan Scott who continues to kick all sorts of butt to bring these updates to you. And please say hello to new addition to the video game dev team, Michael Hadwin, who is starting with us just this week!

There are all sorts of new plans being put together for the game, from characters and environments to new mission types, so stay tuned!

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Jon Cast & Crew
Official Lazer Team Poster Good news, everyone! The first official movie poster for Lazer Team is finally here!

And for those of you wishing to plaster it all over phones, tablets and computers, here it is in wallpaper form. Go crazy, you little miscreants.

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Miles Cast & Crew
RvB Live StreamThe crew and I are going live in a few minutes to watch our favorite episodes from RvB Season 12, and to get you guys ready for the start of RvB Season 13! (Premieres TODAY at 5 PM CT for Sponsors, and tomorrow for the public.) Tweet us during the show using #RvB13Begins.

Watch live HERE! It's available to everyone on the new Red vs. Blue YouTube Channel.
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Panels & Artist's Alley!Hey folks!

As you've heard, RTX 2015 is August 7-9 2015, and tickets are on sale. We're happy to tell you that today, we've also put Panel Applications up! If you have a panel that you'd like to hold at RTX, click here to submit yours! Keep in mind, this application is NOT for ideas or suggestions, but for people who have a panel they'd like to host at the event.

We also announced that we are opening up our show floor to artists who'd like to sell and display their artwork in RTX's first ever Artist's Alley! If you are interested, please email Keep in mind, you cannot sell anything that you do not have the rights to (this includes Rooster Teeth fan art). All those details are in our exhibitor packet, if you are interested to read more.

And lastly, we know you've all been dying to hear about Hotel Discounts - we will have that information very soon, we are just finalizing some details. SOON!

Don't forget to pick up your tickets if you haven't yet!
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