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Week of October 19th
This week, we recap you on the recap's recaps, recapping the recaps of the recap's recap.
matt Cast & Crew
Lazer Team - Week #1Hey gang -
Been a busy and amazing first week on Lazer Team production! We've shot at 3 locations already and got some fantastic footage. Our very first shot was a complex moving camera setup with VFX elements that featured Alan Ritchson, our "Adam," running right past the camera. I wanted him to run fast, but had to keep telling him to slow down because he's so quick we couldn't catch him on camera! Later @Jon showed me some photos he took and in every single one ALAN'S FEET WERE NOT TOUCHING THE GROUND. Yes, he is a real life super hero, I guess we did well on casting.
One night we shot at the National Guard Armory across the road from our studios complex. Art d...
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Kyle Cast & Crew
GameNight 10/17What's up sponsors!

Tonight for your viewing pleasure, we have a Game Night live stream!

The fun starts at 4pm ct at aka HERE.

See everybody then!
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