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RTX Australia: Tickets on SaleRTX Tickets went on sale a few hours ago; you can still get yours here! But hurry, they are going fast! You Australians are eager, aren't ya?

We can't wait to see you in Sydney this January!
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caleb Cast & Crew
Achievement Hunter Important Announcement FAQIf you haven't already, please check out Achievement Hunter's Important Announcement video.

We are incredibly excited for this change and hope you share that excitement with us! In order to help ease the transition, we've made this FAQ. If you have additional questions, please leave them in the comments!

Link to new channel:

What content is moving?
All Let's Plays (Podcast, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus) will stay on the Let's Play Channel. All other Achievement Hunter shows (VS, GO!, Top 5, Megacraft, etc) will be moved to the new Achievement Hunter channel.

Why a new channel?
Our main reason for the new channel is so that people no longer have to filter through a large variety of content on the RT channel to find what they'd like. Now, if you like RT and not AH, you don't have to see AH. If you like AH and not RT, you don't have to see RT. We are trying to make it better for our audience.

Why a new office?
We have outgrown our current Achievement Hunter space. Don't worry though, we are not moving far (just one building over) and will still be around the main office regularly.

Is Achievement Hunter still a part of Rooster Teeth?
Yes, we just have a nice new place for our bodies and our content.

What will happen to your current office?
Another division within RT is taking over the space.

Will Gavin still be on the podcast? Will Ryan still be on The Know?
Yes. We will still be walking distance from the main office so members of AH will still be able to easily appear in other productions.

I looked on YouTube and saw there were two Achievement Hunter channels. Which do I subscribe to?
There is actually only the one channel, but in our early YouTube days we used the shows function. The "channel" you are seeing is no longer active so there is no reason to subscribe. Please be sure to subscribe to

Will videos still be uploaded to the Rooster Teeth/Achievemen...
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gus Cast & Crew
Additional RTX badges and hotel rooms!!Hey all, in case you missed the announcement, I am happy to tell you that we have some additional RTX badges available on sale now! Just go to our ticketing website and you should see weekend passes available.

Now that you're coming to RTX, you need a nice place to stay. May I suggest a room at the brand new JW Marriott? We are holding some events there at the hotel in addition to the convention center...and this is MUCH nicer than sleeping in the convention center. Rooms are limited and the deadline to book a room there is July 15th, so act now!

rtx tickets
hotel rooms
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Recap: Week of June 22-28, 2015Here’s our week’s content from June 22-28, 2015.

New in the RT Store
- Funhaus SEX SWING shirt

Rooster Teeth
- RT Podcast #329 with Gus, Burnie, Blaine, Brandon and Ashley
- Red vs. Blue Season 13, Episode 11
- RTAA: The Boobs that Got Away
- How To: Surgeon Simulator
- On The Spot: With special guests from Screw Attack!
- RT Life: The Scorpion Prank
- RT Podcast 329 Post Show
- Red vs. Blue Season 13, Episode 12 (available Monday @ 5 PM for the public)

Achievement Hunter
- AHWU: Week of June 22, 2015
- Top 5: Rivalries in Video Games
- Let’s Play - GTAV: DLC Missions
- GO! #87 - GO#24 X (Xbox One Edition)
- Let's Play - Beach Buggy Racing
- Five Facts: Hitman Absolution
- Things to do in Minecraft: Trampoline Terror
- HUNT: Trials Fusion - Jack vs. Gavin
- Let’s Play Destiny: Prison of Elders level 32
- Rage Quit: Race the Sun
- Let's Play - Hot Seat: 3D Ultra Minigolf with Andrew Blanchard
- VS Episode 121: Jeremy vs. Gavin
- Fails of the Weak #249
- Things to do in GTAV: Melee Maze
- Let’s Play - Minecraft Episode 161: Jurassic Dorks
- Let's Play - Dirty Bomb: AH vs. Funhaus
- Podcast Let's Play - Contagion: Couples Therapy Pt. 2
- Let's Play - Echo of Souls Part 2
- Stream Team: Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay (Twitch Highlights)

- Demo Disk Gameplay & Open Haus LIVE!
- Open Haus #19:We SUCK at E3
- Dude Soup #21: Has Destiny BETRAYED YOU?
- FAQ Podcast- Batman: Arkham Knight BROKEN?
- Gameplay: Dirty Bomb - Funhaus vs. AH
- ARK: Survival Evolved Gameplay- WE THROW POOP
- 1 Dollar 1 Hour LIVE

The Know
- The Patch #110
- The Patch Gameclub: Shovel Knight

Other Stuff
- Tickets go on sale THIS WEEK for RTXAU! July 2nd at 12 PM AEST! Go to for more information, and follow @RTXAU on Twitter for instant updates
- RvB13 Music Video contest ended- TOP 10 will be chosen and put to a vote by Friday

That's all! Aurevoir, mon amour.
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