Gray Cast & Crew
Are you taking RWBY History 101 this Fall?Hey Beacon Students-

We have a unique lineup for RWBY fans this Thursday! This is an "off" week for new RWBY episodes, with Chapter 5 hitting next Thursday the 28th. BUT! We do have new content for you this week from the world of Remnant! Called... "World of Remnant" ...which seems fitting. Anyhoo, this August 21st, at 3pm Central for Rooster Teeth Sponsors (and 7pm for general public), fans will get the first of several new "history lessons," each exploring a particular corner of RWBY's world. And it's all fair game for the quiz... that you give us!

We're also doing a public livestream this Thursday at 5pm Central, here on! Jo...
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matt Cast & Crew
Our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videoHey Everyone -
We just took the ice bucket challenge to help raise awareness and money to fight ALS! Watch the video here. (It's awesome and has some super cool slow mo!) We are proud of all the charity work we do at Rooster Teeth, but I wanted to take a moment to tell you about how this particular cause affects me personally.

About a year ago, my dad was diagnosed with ALS. Before that I didn't know much about it, only that it's generally known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease" and that it's very serious.

Since then, I’ve learned that it is an extremely debilitating and ultimately fatal condition, and that there is no known cure and basically no effective trea...
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Jinx Cast & Crew
The Know Workspace MakeoverYou know how easy it is to procrastinate? Super easy. We've been at Stage 5 since, what, April? When we moved in, The Know took a few desks in the filming studio area because we shoot so frequently that it's easiest for us to be a few steps away from recording at any given time. It was an unfinished space that closely resembled a back alley between the broadcast control room and a mobile wall that separates us from the big doors we roll trucks into for loading/unloading equipment. Am I painting a bleak enough picture here?

This is kind of what it looked like AFTER we started cleaning it up.

Bleak, right?

As soon as we saw the alley space I decided the perfect use of the space would...
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