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jack Cast & Crew

Folks! We are about 10 minutes away from tickets going on sale for Let's Play Live! I'm super amped to get this show up and running and I can't wait for those of you who can make it to join us on February 20th here in Austin. It's going to be an incredible evening.

I'll answer some questions while we wait for tickets to go on sale! Go ahead, shoot!
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Gray Cast & Crew
RWBY Game: A Special Holiday Treat for Sponsors!"Oh, the weather outside is frightful! But the... firefight with the High-Caliber Sniper Scythe is so delightful?"

Merrappy Christmanukkwanzivus!! We have a very special little stocking stuffer just for sponsors, a heartfelt thanks from Rooster Teeth to you, for being a part of the RT Community -- the chance to play a pre-alpha level from the RWBY video game! This is a test of the animation and mechanics, and works much like the demo shown at RTX. It's only available til shortly after New Year's, but we hope you have fun with it on your holiday. But don't worry, there's much more to come next year that we are very, very excited about -- this is just a tiny p...
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SixRomeo Cast & Crew
And Then There Were... No More Episodes!

Well, detectives... the case is officially closed.
I hope you guys enjoyed sleuthing with me this season... I certainly enjoyed murdering for all of you.

So... the winners. First off, our weekly batch:

the following sleuths scored themselves a $25 gift card to the Rooster Teeth store:

the following sleuths scored themselves a Ten Little Roosters Poster:

Before we get to the Grand Prize, I wanted to try and give some peace of mind to those of you who missed the earlier deadline last week. After reviewing our data, it turned out that no matter who else would've voted, the winner was uncatc...
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