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Episode 4
Storm the Tower
With the city under siege and an egotistical evildoer in power, the future looks bleak. X-Ray & Vav! The world needs you!
Ruby Rose Threezero FigureWe are thrilled to announce that we've teamed up with Threezero to bring you an incredible Ruby Rose collectible!

First in a series of figures by legendary Hong Kong figure designers Threezero - the collectible Ruby figure features a new body developed exclusively for this line of collectible figures, hand-stitched tailoring, a detailed belt, two different cloaks with a wire trim for positioning, three sets of hands for holding her weapons, a full-sized Crescent Rose, two magazines and additional pieces representing the weapon’s different stages of transformation.

It's available now FOR RESERVATION ONLY. This means, when you pay to reserve the figure, you will receive an email not...
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monty Cast & Crew
5 years at roosterteeth.I remember back in September of 2009 when I was now apparently moving to Texas. Never did I think in a million years that'd be where I'd end up. My last job in videogames had wrapped up in spectacular layoffs and I was out to dry. Thankfully only a few months earlier I'd finally got to meet Burnie Burns at my first San Diego Comic Con. We hit it up and I find out they had been trying to hire me 2 years prior the first time we talked. I'd presented him with a theory and quickly followed up with a concept for the next season of RvB. And not before long I was on my way to Austin Texas

I get to the studio and being a fan of Red Vs Blue, having listened to the many commentaries...
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Recap Dec 8-14, 2014Here's what we did last week! For Achievement Hunter's weekly recap, click here.

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Store: N...
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