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Beard Meeting
Burnie and Blaine search the office for a meeting place until they finally find one: The Beard Room.
So many new things!Have you been to the RT Store lately? You might have missed out on some of our new merch! In case you did, here's a list of new items that have come out recently. Don't forget, if you're a sponsor, you get 5% off your order by using code "sponsor5"

- RWBY and RT pajama pants
- RWBY backpack
- RWBY beanie
- RWBY & AH Tank Tops (for guys and girls)
- Our first Sponsor-only shirt
- RWBY Plushies
- White Fang shirt
- Podcast Pizza shirt

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gus Cast & Crew
Captain RayHi, Gus here. Guess what. It is time to pick a name for Ray's captain in Age of Booty: Tactics. What? You didn't think Ray would get a captain. Boy, you look foolish now. Just
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