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How To: Grand Theft Auto V
Some of the following description is no longer relevant. Joel and Adam have a relay race in GTAV., I have been staring at this for 20-30 minutes and can’t come up with anything. Jeremy said he’d take over for a minute. Hi this is Jeremy. Far Cry is fun. Moving on… Alright that was pretty good. If there are any more words after this sentence, Matt has decided to weigh in. Why can’t we think of a good description for this video? I thought we were better than this. …Also Kevin Spacey is the Villain in this. The winner of this video gets a pie.
gus Cast & Crew
Let's Play Live!Are y'all ready for Let's Play Live? In one month on February 20th we're going to be doing something totally new and totally awesome! You can still get tickets here. Want to know more?

The AH Crew will be represented by Gavin, Geoff, Jack, Michael, Ray, and Ryan. Not only that, but they will be joined by special guests from Rooster Teeth and other Internet personalities! They will be available before the show and after the show to do meet & greets and chat with attendees. On stage during the show they will be playing games and at times even selecting people from the audience to come up on stage and take part in the show.

What exactly will be happening on stag...
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Miles Cast & Crew
RvB13: Coming Soon...Ladies and gentlemen, Reds and Blues, it's almost that time again!

The final installment of the Chorus Trilogy is on its way and we're all hard at work over at RT trying to make sure it's going to be the biggest, baddest, balls-to-the-wall-raddest season of RvB EVER!

We can't get into the nitty-gritty details just yet, be we can say that RvB13 will be premiering THIS SPRING! In the meantime, we've got some sexy new wallpapers for you RvB fans out there!

Keep your ear to the ground, because more RvB announcements will be rolling out as the weeks go on!

One thing's for certain: it's going to be all-out war. See you on the battlefield, soldiers.
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