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Salt and Vinegar Cat - Happy Hour #19
Happy Hour #19
Gav gets woken up at 3 in the morning by his cat, Smee, who isn’t very stealthy when it comes to stealing salt and vinegar crisps.
brandon Cast & Crew
We Need Star Wars Themed Photoshops for the Sponsor Cast!Hey Guys! We have another call for silly or fun photoshops for this week's audio sponsor cast. The subject is “Star Wars with Blaine, Jon, Gray and Kerry" We'll pick one photoshop as the thumbnail and incorporate some of the others into the visual component of the video. You can watch the Movie Sponsor Cast to see what I mean here!

This Week's Cast - You can find pictures of them at the links below or google search:
Blaine Gibson
Kerry Shawcross
Jon Risinger
Gray Haddock

Links to some fun fanshops from the Super Power episode:
The Thumbnail

You can post your pic in the comment section of this post but note that we will only accept submissions from Rooster Teeth site sponsors. You can also see all the cool stuff you'll be able to watch as a sponsor by clicking here!
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Gray Cast & Crew
RT Showcase: The OceanMakerWe're trying something a little different today -- we're starting a new program called "Rooster Teeth Showcase" which will run from time to time and recommend stuff that we found so cool, we just had to share it with you! First up is a brand new post-apocalyptic animated action short called "The OceanMaker." The piece is made by RT community member Lucas Martell and fellow Austin TX based animation studio Mighty Coconut Productions, who also made the 2009 short "Pigeon Impossible."

"The OceanMaker" will launch on 4/22/2015 on as part of the Earth Day Network. But Rooster Teeth is bringing it to RT Sponsors a day early! It's available right now at for Sponsors, and will go public to the wider RT community after 10am (CDT) Wednesday 4/22. Also, for one more day, if you buy any kind of copy of the short at, a tree will be planted in conjunction with The Canopy Project!

Meanwhile, please kick back, crank the volume, put on your pilot's goggles, and enjoy "The OceanMaker." We hope you find it as badass as we did, and please let us know in the video's comments if you like the idea of RT Showcase. Thanks!!
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