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On The Spot #04
Team CSC vs. Team R&R Connection
In this week's episode of On The Spot, Team CSC and Team R&R Connection (formerly known as Team Gus) are back competing to see which team will make a comeback and which one will remain being a sad, sad loser.
SixRomeo Cast & Crew
And Then There Were Six -- Sleuthing, Round 4

*If you haven't watched Episode 4, GO DO IT NOW. Don't want to spoil anything for you.*

So, this week's episode was obviously a little shorter. As a late heads up (tails down?), the episodes may vary a bit week-to-week, though this week's was definitely one of the shorter ones.

Alright, so, a notable improvement in detective-ry this week -- nearly quadruple the correct guesses from last week. That being said, I can officially confirm what many of you have been asking -- there is currently NO ONE WITH 100% CORRECT ANSWERS (to include choices for killer and survivor). That still leaves quite a few people in the running for the grand prize.

And now to this week's winn...
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brianb Cast & Crew
Announcing the third RWBY limited edition screen printWe're taking off work for Thanksgiving, but we still have a new RWBY print for Friday! This week has one of my favorite prints from the series. Tim Doyle did a poster recently for Skrillex that featured a big car wreck, and he drew inspiration from the RWBY Volume 2 Torchwick mech fight to expand on that new work. Here’s what he has to say about his piece:

"RWBY is a show full of great moments to adapt into prints, but the one that stuck out to me, and seemed to fit the most with my particular style was the big-ass MECH FIGHT on the highway in season 2. The sheer kinetic energy and back and forth in that scene really captured my eye, and spoke to my particular love of complete c...
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