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How To: Depth
with Joel, Adam, Matt, and Jeremy
Joel, Adam, Jeremy, and Matt dive into the deep dark waters of Depth to collect gold and hunt sharks. Wait, did someone say sharks? Sharks? Where? BEHIND YOU! OH GOD MY LEGS!
X-Ray & Vav
Live Stream TONIGHT!To get ready for the premiere (which is exactly ONE WEEK away!) the cast and crew of X-Ray & Vav will be doing a live stream tonight and taking your questions! It's available for everyone, and will begin at 6 PM CT on

To celebrate, we also have 2 brand-new X-Ray & Vav POSTERS in the store! Check them out!

See you in a few hours!
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SixRomeo Cast & Crew
And Then There Were Seven -- Sleuthing, Round 3

*If you haven't watched Episode 3, GO DO IT NOW. Don't want to spoil anything for you.*

Oh geez, I can't wait for the hate mail to roll in from this one, haha. Apparently this week's murder was a lot harder than last week's -- less than 3% of participants correctly deduced both the victim and weapon. For the less-than-3-percent of you -- wow, well done. For the rest of you -- hey, only a handful of people got it, so your chances of winning the whole shebang are still pretty good.

In the meantime, here are this week's winners:

the following sleuths scored themselves a $25 gift card to the Rooster Teeth store:

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jack Cast & Crew
Let's Play Live!Aloha folks!

Let’s talk about something that I’ve been working on for a few months now, Let’s Play Live!

Let’s Play Live spun from an idea that began at RTX this past year. While on stage with the rest of the AH crew, I looked out into a crowd of 4,000 people watching and thought, “Who else gets to experience this?” The only answer I could come up with was “Rockstars." And what do Rockstars get to do that we don’t? They tour.

After a pitch to Geoff and then Matt, the idea of an Achievement Hunter tour was born, but to make sure this is a feasible project, we want to run a test show in Austin first, therefore, we have Let’s Play Live!

Let’s Play Live is going to be a o...
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