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Red vs. Blue: Season 13 Trailer
The final installment of The Chorus Trilogy premieres April 1st, 2015 on
Miles Cast & Crew
Red vs. Blue: Season 13 Trailer and MOREHappy Friday, folks!

In case you haven't seen it yet, today we released the official trailer for Red vs. Blue: Season 13! Exciting stuff, yeah? WELL IT GETS BETTER.

Every Friday leading up to the RvB13 premiere on April 1st, we'll be releasing a digital character poster (just a little somethin'-somethin' to build up excitement for the show)! Our first character, you ask?

The fiendishly fine, undoubtedly dangerous, agent with ATTITUDE: Carolina!

(as well as her smart-mouthed A.I., Epsilon)

I can't express how excited I am for the final installment of The Chorus Trilogy. We've truly assembled a dream team by enlisting the skills of our best team members from shows like X-Ray and RWBY, bringing in new faces to the company, and of course, leaning on the experience we've gained from the past seasons of RvB. This is going to be one hell of a ride.

I hope you enjoyed our little teaser today. I'm sure some of you LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN after watching it, but don't you worry. Even though our heroes from Blood Gulch are about to face their greatest challenge yet, they'll still face it in style... really stupid, annoying, bitchy, crazy, funny, borderline-disastrous style.

See you April 1st.

NINJA EDIT: Don't forget to subscribe to our new RvB Youtube Channel! We'll be releasing every season in HD leading up to the RvB13 premiere, so you can binge-watch to your heart's content!
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Announcing the Red vs. Blue CHANNEL!Rooster Teeth Productions is excited to announce the launch of the official Red vs. Blue YouTube channel!

We will consolidate all twelve existing seasons of Red vs. Blue onto one YouTube channel, where fans and new viewers can easily find all of the content from the show.

Here's what Burnie had to say:
"We are excited to have one place on YouTube where our fans can watch all of the past seasons of Red vs. Blue. And now new viewers of the series can binge watch the world's longest running web series anywhere they have a screen.”

The new channel,, launches TODAY with a brand new Red vs. Blue PSA! It will soon include all twelve existing seasons of Red vs. Blue, which will be added according to the release schedule below, along with Red vs. Blue bonus videos including Behind-the-Scenes, Interviews, and PSAs.

Red vs. Blue YouTube Channel Release Schedule

Wave 1- RvB: S1 on Friday, 3/6; RvB: S2 on Saturday; 3/7, RvB: S3 on Sunday, 3/8

Wave 2- RvB: S4 on Friday, 3/13; RvB: S5 on Saturday, 3/14; RvB: S6 on Sunday, 3/15

Wave 3- RvB: S7 on Friday, 3/20; RvB: S8 on Saturday, 3/21; RvB: S9 on Sunday, 3/22

Wave 4- RvB: S10 on Friday, 3/27; RvB: S11 on Saturday, 3/28; RvB: S12 on Sunday, 3/29

After catching up with Red vs. Blue: Seasons 1-12 on the new Red vs. Blue YouTube channel, viewers can tune in to on Wednesday, April 1st for the highly anticipated premiere of Red vs. Blue: Season 13!
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Free Shipping over $50!Hello, friends!

We've got good news. From now until March 16th, orders in the US Store over $50 get FREE SHIPPING! (domestic only). Not only that, but if you're in the UK, orders over £33 ALSO get FREE SHIPPING! (domestic only).

Why are you still here? Go grab some stuff!
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