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The Snail Assassin
In RTAA #164, in one of his strangest hypothetical scenarios ever, Gavin wonders what it would be like if you were constantly chased by a snail with a deadly touch.
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Sponsorships, Loot Crates, Surveys and More!Hi everyone! It's been a few weeks since my last update, but here I am to remind you of a few things!

Important dates that have happened recently:
- August 26th, all surveys that had been answered were locked down.
- August 28th, of the locked surveys, any add-ons were charged to the credit cards that were on file.
- September 8th, sponsorship emails went out to the first batch of backers!!
- September 13th, first episode of the RT Shorts in the Style of Season 1 was released as part of our $1 Million Stretch Goal
- October 1st, second batch of backers has been locked down and sponsorships will be sent out soon to them (remember, once locked down you cannot change answers or add-ons)

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