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Curses, Cookies, & Atoms
In RTAA #142, Chris curses a baby, Jack eats some cookies, and Burnie smashes some atoms.
Communi-Tee and T-Shirt TuesdayHappy RT Community Day, everyone! Oh wait, it's ALSO Tuesday? That means we have TWO brand-new shirts available in the RT Store! One is the winner of this month's Communi-Tee contest, and the other is T-Shirt Tuesday!

This month's winner is @blackout591! Check out his shirt here!

And this week's T-Shirt Tuesday is "Goeff's Supply Shirt"!

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monty Cast & Crew
The RWBY intro at PAX 2014Hello all! Those of you who came to see us here at the roosterteeth panel at pax got to have a glimpse at some upcoming vids. One of which included the new intro for RWBY volume 2.

It's always been an honor to bust my ass on a project to be able show it to a select group of a few thousand at a live venue and is something I'll always be excited for.

It also is something we always wonder about whether or not people will cam it and post it online. And to varying degree we wonder how much should we worry about it. Whether or not it compromises the project, be it for the fact it's not video of the best quality, or that it puts information out there that we wouldn't want broadcas...
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Chris Cast & Crew
Vote for The Gauntlet!Ladies, gentlemen and animals, Season 2 of The Gauntlet is nominated for Best Reality Show at the 2014 Webby Awards. This means we need your help!

If you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed making it, then rally the troops and cast your vote! We'll love you forever.


@Chris and @Brandon
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Last chance to get 11% OFF!Our 11-year Anniversary Sale is ending TODAY! Use code "RT11YEARS" in the RT store to get your discount. GO GO GO!
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jack Cast & Crew
Rooster Teeth and Operation Supply DropWe're happy to announce that Rooter Teeth will be working with Operation Supply Drop this year on their 8-Bit Salute. We'll be streaming 24 hours from our brand new office and helping to support the troops!

We'd love for you to join in, either by watching the chaos of the stream, participating on your own stream, or donating to our team!

We'll have a ton of details coming soon, but for now, go check out our page over on Operation Supply Drop and get signed up!! Thanks!!
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