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So many new things!Have you been to the RT Store lately? You might have missed out on some of our new merch! In case you did, here's a list of new items that have come out recently. Don't forget, if you're a sponsor, you get 5% off your order by using code "sponsor5"

- RWBY and RT pajama pants
- RWBY backpack
- RWBY beanie
- RWBY & AH Tank Tops (for guys and girls)
- Our first Sponsor-only shirt
- RWBY Plushies
- White Fang shirt
- Podcast Pizza shirt

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gus Cast & Crew
Captain RayHi, Gus here. Guess what. It is time to pick a name for Ray's captain in Age of Booty: Tactics. What? You didn't think Ray would get a captain. Boy, you look foolish now. Just
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brianb Cast & Crew
Our final poster in the RvB series. Today we’re pleased to release the final poster in this first edition of Red vs Blue posters. Our last artist for this round, Aled Lewis, first came to my attention with his great Streets of Rage/Final Fight oriented Hot Fuzz and Always Sunny In Philadelphia posters. I’ve also been amused by and retweeted way too many times his Toy Stories series. I was excited when he came on board to do something and I was even more excited when I saw the final work that he created. Here’s what Aled had to say about his finalé.

“To condense 12 seasons of Red vs Blue into a single image is a difficult task! So much has happened but I wanted to focus on the core characters and allude so some of t...
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