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How To: Outlast Halloween Special
Funny how a 150 year old ‘partially’ abandoned asylum, some batteries, and a $29.95 ghost meter can result in the death of 6 people. Weird.
RWBY Volume 2 Finale & Q+AToday, we air the finale of RWBY Volume 2. It's been an amazing journey so far, and we can't wait to share tonight's episode with you. Sponsors will be able to watch it at 3 PM CT (4 PM ET, 1 PM PT) and the public will be able to watch at 7 PM CT (8 PM ET, 5 PM PT).

In addition, we are doing a marathon event at the Alamo Drafthouse which will be streamed to other theaters across the country. If you're going, we hope you will have a blast and meet fellow RWBY fans! If you didn't get a chance to grab tickets, not to worry- we will be streaming the Q+A portion LIVE for EVERYONE! It should start sometime between 7:20 and 7:40 PM CT, depending on how on-schedule we are at...
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monty Cast & Crew
Previz, JTL - My LeconI've spend the last 12 or so years building movies in my head. Mostly to music. This is one I've had for a long time. I post this because chances are pretty slim of it actually happening. Not to say i've given up. I have plenty more in stock. But this here is an early previz of a portion of a sequence I'd made several years ago. You might recognize some animation of *cough a pair of shotgun nunchucks. The person punching may or may not have been planned to have shotgun gauntlets. The girl who could clone herself may or may not have influenced a certain cat character in some ways.

It's not particularly sad for me to give up on one image for the 10 I've developed i...
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matt Cast & Crew
Lazer Team - Week #2I just stopped by the Extra Life live stream. If you haven’t watched yet or donated go do it now - for the kids!

So week 2 of Lazer Team production is over but it already feels like we are on week 20. Every day has been exhilarating and exhausting and full of surprises.
We started the week at a local prison - yes, a working prison - but probably not filming it in the way you might imagine. That day my older son Webb got to be in the movie and even did a stunt! He had on a full harness and a cable. I was proud but also very anxious. Thankfully our stunt coordinator Jeff was terrific and made Webb feel comfortable and safe. He was really pumped. My two favorite quotes of the day were Webb yel...
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