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RT Recap: The RT Drug
Week of November 23rd
Talk to your doctor today about a prescription to the newest, stress-relief drug on the market: the RT Recap. Never miss another Rooster Teeth video again.
Pat Cast & Crew
Jon Risinger on the next Quick Draw!Yes, it's true.

This sex-defined man-stud will be our next guest for QD.

Now post your questions for him in the comments below!
And we'll do the thing!

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Kyle Cast & Crew
Game Night and Sponsor Cast: Animation 002 11/21Hey guys,

Two things for you this week, today we have Game Night and I'm sure many could guess what they're playing but I'll tell you anyway...it's Super Smash Bothers. Make sure you CLICK HERE so you can watch the madness at 4pm ct. aka two and a half hours from now as of this post.

You lucky sponsors also get another installment of Sponsor Cast: Animation today with Gray, Miles, Lindsay, and Kerry. They are discussing anything and everything animation and ask the question, why is Pixar making another Toy Story?

Keep an eye out for that later, tune in for the live stream and if your friends are jealous of all the great things sponsors get make sure you send them to the See More
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Chelsea Cast & Crew
Loot Crates and Lock Down Dates! (The End is Nigh!)Hi everyone!

We hope everyone has been enjoying the episodes of the Behind the Scenes that we've released so far. There are still more to come! To be released every month.

There's been a few updates and we've got some news for those of you waiting on a certain perk...

All orders will be locked down and charged on Monday December 22nd by 5pm Central Time. You will be unable to edit your order items, BUT you will still be able to change your address until a date to be determined in the future.

Loot Crates: The shipping for the Rooster Teeth Loot Crates from the IndieGoGo Campaign is still scheduled to be before the end of 2014.

Sponsorships: If you didn't re...
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