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JJ Cast & Crew
COMING TO RTX 2014? - WE WANT TO INTERVIEW YOU !Hey Guys! JJ here to tell you about a fun little video project we're putting together for RTX 2014. Just like last year I'll be running around filming a bunch of fun stuff but this year I want to talk to some of you about how much you love RT and about your journey to RTX. Specifically, I'm looking for the following types of folks.

What will your RT inspired costume(s) be at RTX? Will you have one outfit or different ones for every day of the event? How long have you been Cosplaying? Did you make your outfit/weapons yourself? Can you send links to some of your past/current cosplay?

Do you plan on meeting your special friend or "online BF/G...
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Barbara Cast & Crew
FAQ: Changing your Sponsorship to Auto-RenewWe just posted an announcement about upcoming changes to our Sponsorship model, so read it! It has important info-- including the fact that if you sign up for auto-renew before May 5th, you get locked in at the current $10 every 6 months rate.

The biggest question we've received is how do you change your current sponsorship to auto-renew (for example, if it's a gift, or just one 6-month installment)

Here's the answer!

When we increase the price on May 5th, we will take a snapshot of all non-recurring sponsorships in our system. When those users' sponsorship expires, we will be sending them an email (and probably a website message) with the opportunity to grandfather thei...
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Changes to SponsorshipRooster Teeth implemented Sponsorship, our premium member model, almost 11 years ago. It has evolved a lot over the years as we've added new content and new features. Today we're announcing a few changes, including a new benefit that we hope all our sponsors will love.

Starting May 5th, Sponsors will receive a 5% discount on everything in the RT Store! That's right, if you're a Sponsor, everything in our store is always on sale for you. T-shirts, toys, DVDs and all the rest. And, that's not the only planned store perk. In the coming weeks, we will begin releasing some Sponsor-only merchandise as well!

As you've probably noticed, we've also ramped up our prod...
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