Jon Cast & Crew
Making of RT Podcast RadioThis week's t-shirt was an experiment in how the RT Podcast would have looked if it had been around in the old days when family's gathered around the radio for their daily source of entertainment.

Phase I: Concept Sketches
I wanted the look of the shirt to be very retro and to take notes from the radio logos and ads from the 40's and 50's. A few different images that popped into my head were the art deco tube radios, test pattern screens and radio towers.

Phase II: Version 1.0
The first comp of the design had a main logo in the center that read KRTP like the old west coast call signs I remember growing up in California. The problem with this idea was first brought up by...
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adam Cast & Crew
Frontend Web DeveloperAustin-based Rooster Teeth Productions is looking for a contract frontend web developer to come on board and work with our web development team for our upcoming website update. This is a telecommute/work-from-home position, with occasional web development meetings via skype. You must be able to work in the United States.

Rooster Teeth is a creative production studio responsible for award-winning online videos such as Red vs. Blue, the longest running web series in history; the reality gamer series The Gauntlet; comedy series Rooster Teeth Shorts; the animated series RWBY; and Immersion, a show that tests video game concepts in the real world.

The ideal candidate must have the following qual...
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Red vs. Blue
Episode 10Tonight's early preview of RvB Season 12, Episode 10 is delayed due to technical difficulties. We will get it up and ready for Sponsors to watch as soon as we can! The public release should still be at 7 PM CT!
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