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Pilot Football Message
In RTAA #166, Gus wants to be a secret pilot, Burnie talks about Rice University's football team, and sends a heartwarming text to Gavin. Audio from RT Podcasts: Secret Pilot - Podcast #281: bit.ly/1xhWChK , Rice's Football Team - Podcast #13: bit.ly/1xhWChK , Burnie's Message - Podcast #231: bit.ly/1CXgE3Z
RTX 2015 DATES!We are excited to announce that RTX 2015 will take place the weekend of AUGUST 7-9, 2015 in Austin, TX!

We will have more information soon, as well as Hotel Deals later on. Make sure you stay tuned to the RTX/Rooster Teeth website, and follow @RTXEvent and @RoosterTeeth on Twitter for all updates.

We can't wait to see you in the summer! Get hyped!
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jack Cast & Crew
Extra Life 2014Aloha folks!

Alright, here is my bigass post about Rooster Teeth's efforts in Extra Life 2014.

First and foremost, thank you everyone who has been so supportive of our team in Extra Life. Our Pre-Party stream a few weeks ago was an amazing success and we've already raised almost $18,000 before the event has begun! That blows me away!!

Now on to this year's information. We will be streaming from 8am CST on Saturday, October 25th until 8am CST on Sunday, October 26th from our headquarters here in Austin. A few of us may swing by the Microsoft store here in Austin to say hi to the Extra Life ATX guild as well. Our stream will be on our Twitch channel located at www.twitch.tv/ro...
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matt Cast & Crew
Lazer Team - Week #1Hey gang -
Been a busy and amazing first week on Lazer Team production! We've shot at 3 locations already and got some fantastic footage. Our very first shot was a complex moving camera setup with VFX elements that featured Alan Ritchson, our "Adam," running right past the camera. I wanted him to run fast, but had to keep telling him to slow down because he's so quick we couldn't catch him on camera! Later @Jon showed me some photos he took and in every single one ALAN'S FEET WERE NOT TOUCHING THE GROUND. Yes, he is a real life super hero, I guess we did well on casting.
One night we shot at the National Guard Armory across the road from our studios complex. Art d...
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