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Pat Cast & Crew
Quick Draw Strikes Back with...JOSH FLANAGAN

Bam! It's that other chubby, bearded dude who makes things.
Things like Ten Little Roosters!

Ask him questions in the comments below!
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Yvonne Cast & Crew
Open Position - HR GeneralistAs a result of the growth of the company, we are currently looking for an HR Generalist. Following is the job description. If you have an interest in this position, meet the qualifications, please check out the careers page and submit your resume (and a cover letter is all so nice). Thanks so much.

Human Resources Generalist
Reports to Vice President of Operations

Primary Objectives of the Human Resources Generalist:
• Health and safety of the workforce.
• Development of a superior workforce.
• Development of an employee-oriented company culture that emphasizes quality, continuous improvement, employee retention and development, and high performance.

1. Admini...
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Maggie Cast & Crew
Spring 2015 Animation InternshipHey everybody!

So we're looking for some interns to help us out with Red vs Blue Season 13. Want more info? Go to the careers page.

Can't wait to read those submissions!
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Kyle Cast & Crew
Game Night Live Stream (1/16) Hey guys,

Game Night goes live at 4:00 pm ct. today for sponsors. They will be playing the Evolve Beta so hop on your laptop and turn on your Xbox because who knows, you might end up playing with the Achievement Hunters today! Actually you won't cause it's only a five person game.

Stream will be live HERE aka www.roosterteeth.com/sponsorcut/live

As always if you are not a sponsor check out The Rooster Teeth Store

Have a great Friday guys!
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Jinx Cast & Crew
The Know - 50 Million Views and a Check InI was checking in on stats for The Know last night and realized we've just hit 50 million views on the channel since it launched, a milestone I couldn't be more proud of. And I just want to thank everyone who watches the show and gets something out of it.

Since we kicked off this whole news rollercoaster our weekly audience for the show has grown something like 140% and you guys have made it one of the most popular of its kind online, with an audience of nearly 1.5 million per week. That's not a number I ever thought I'd be saying, and I'm humbled that you guys seem to enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it. No pressure for us then, huh?

Around New Years, as one is won...
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