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Pilot Football Message
In RTAA #166, Gus wants to be a secret pilot, Burnie talks about Rice University's football team, and sends a heartwarming text to Gavin. Audio from RT Podcasts: Secret Pilot - Podcast #281: bit.ly/1xhWChK , Rice's Football Team - Podcast #13: bit.ly/1xhWChK , Burnie's Message - Podcast #231: bit.ly/1CXgE3Z
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GameNight 10/17What's up sponsors!

Tonight for your viewing pleasure, we have a Game Night live stream!

The fun starts at 4pm ct at www.roosterteeth.com/sponsorcut/live aka HERE.

See everybody then!
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Barbara Cast & Crew
LAZER TEAM PRODUCTION BEGINS!Production start of Lazer Team begins TODAY! It's our first live-action, feature-length film, with an anticipated Spring 2015 theatrical release. In July, the film’s Indiegogo campaign raised $2,480,421 in funding from 37,497 funders, becoming the most funded film campaign in the site’s history.

Here's what @Matt had to say:
“We’re incredibly excited to begin principal photography on Lazer Team with such an outstanding cast and crew. We wouldn’t be able to make such a big, crazy sci-fi action comedy like this without the support of every one of our Indiegogo backers. We’re going to do our best to make sure every single dollar ends up on screen.”

Quick synopsis of Lazer T...
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Pat Cast & Crew
Quick Draw Rides AgainHey there all you lovely sexy people!

We have the next guest ready for your questions. And that guest is:

Yes, it's rose-butt himself, Ray Narvaez Jr.

So go on and post your questions for him in the comments below, and we'll pick the ones to ask!
Now git.
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