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Chelsea Cast & Crew
Lazer Team Backers - Sponsorships are Arriving Soon!Recently, surveys were sent out from BackerKit to all of the Backers who originally pledged during the IndieGoGo Lazer Team Campaign. Over 27,000 of you have responded and completed the surveys successfully. We are doing our best to address each question and concern being sent our way, so please be patient as we get through them all.


3-Month Sponsorships were offered as a perk starting at the $25 Perk Level and many of you will be receiving those. We are aware that the preliminary delivery times were September / October, but that time has been pushed up. GREATLY.

The first wave of Backers will start receiving sponsorship in the last week of this month (August).

To those of you who a...
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Kyle Cast & Crew
Super Fight Art Contest Winners!Sup guys,

Over the past week we have seen some of the most unique and amazing drawing's come out of the community. Truly the RT community has some of the most talented artists out there. I have taken the submission and put them in an album which anyone can look at HERE.

The following drawings are ones that we felt like stood out among the submissions for how well they captured each fighter. To be clear there will be one overall winner, runner ups and one person picked by @Patrick to win his tablet.

The overall winner is @Laurin for the Goat on a pogo stick still in beta. Props for adding the ridiculous tongue from Goat Simulator.

The next two runner ups in no particular order,

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Gray Cast & Crew
RWBY's Turning Japanese, RWBY's Turning Japanese, I Really Think SoWe mentioned it at RTX, but now it's official -- the team here is thrilled to announce that Warner Brothers Japan has licensed RWBY for distribution and merchandising!

In 2015, WBJ will offer Japanese RWBY fans Blu-rays and DVDs that include a brand new Japanese audio experience, as well as some other treats we hope to announce soon. WBJ has produced such titles as "Accel World" and "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure," and the team that will be sheparding RWBY in Japan have also worked on such series as "Ergo Proxy," "Hellsing," "Lain," and "Tenchi Muyo" just to name a few. WBJ begins promoting RWBY this weekend at the Comic Mark...
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