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geoff Cast & Crew
Episode 42In case you missed it, Episode 42 is now up. It's weighs in at about 6 minutes, and is available here. Episode 43 will be up later tonight, so keep checking back. FYI, it's going to be a pretty long one.

Hope everyone is having a happy Halo 2 day!

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burnie Cast & Crew
Here we go.To celebrate the launch of everyone's most anticipated game, we are going to be releasing three full episodes of Red vs Blue in the next 48 hours. In the video section, you will see that gfunk has already posted Episode 41. Episode 42 should be up sometime tomorrow night and Episode 43 the following day. Three releases in two days sounded like a great idea when we thought of it, but it ended being a real marathon.

Now, I know most of you will be extremely busy picking up and playing Halo 2 -- this will hopefully help saturate your Halo week.

If you bought the collector's edition of Halo 2, check out our segment on the Bonus DVD. You will now have videographic confirmation of our ne...
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gus Cast & Crew
Child's PlayI've been meaning to make a post about this for a while now but it keeps slipping my mind despite the fact it is such an important topic. Penny Arcade is having their second ever Child's Play. It is basically a fundraiser aimed at sending toys, games and cash to childrens' hospitals around the United States. Through Child's Play they hope to raise awareness that gamers are not bad people despite the frequent demonization of gamers in the media. It's a great idea and if you have some money to spare I'd highly recommend sending them some cash via paypal or buying some items from for them. In any case, check their site out to see what it is all about and figure out if it's som...
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burnie Cast & Crew
Bungie UpdateI just got to the airpot in Seattle with Jason and it's the first chance I have had to log on to the net all day. We just realized that Frankie from posted their weekly update in our forums and I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to read it. Of course, you can still register for the forum if you like, but that's up to you. We'd also like to thank everybody at Bungie for having us out this week to look at Halo 2 again. We actually only got to play two or three games. The rest of the time we spent feverishly testing in our own ridiculous way -- by experimenting with weapon reticles, getting characters as close together as possible, seeing how certain colors look in certain l...
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burnie Cast & Crew
Episode 40 Red vs BlueEpisode 40 -- Visiting Old Friends is now available for download. Please right click and save your choice of the following videos:

Hope you enjoy.
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geoff Cast & Crew
Chicago here we comeGet your shot glasses out!
Gus and I will be stepping on a plane bound for the Windy City in about a hour. We will be there all weekend to participate in Anime Reactor 2004. All are encouraged to come to the event and say hello. (FYI, it's Texas custom to say hello with a Jack and Coke). If you wanna get together, drop me a line.

Also, for those who are into new and exciting things, there is a Chupanthingy shirt in the store.

Love and kisses,
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geoff Cast & Crew
Wade shirt availableHey everybody!
I just updated our store with a Wade shirt just in time for Halloween (in case you extremely lazy and looking for the easiest costume ever). We also have some new RedVsBlue merch in there as well if that's your thing.

end transmission....

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matt Cast & Crew
Go HereWe're pleased to announce the public release of the first episode of our new series, The Strangerhood. Episode 1, "Why Are You Here?" clocks in at just over 5 minutes and is available in all your favorite video flavors including Quicktime, Windows Media, and Divx.

We've had a great time developing and creating our first new online series since Red vs. Blue debuted a year and a half ago. There are some new faces (and voices) at Rooster Teeth HQ, and you can expect to hear more from and about the cast as days go on.

If you are completely new to the Rooster Teeth family of websites, take a minute to check out all the cool new features we recently added. Membership is completely free (ser...
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gus Cast & Crew
Chicago and Episode 39 linksHey all, the launch of season 3 means that all of us over here at Rooster Teeth are going to be getting a lot less sleep and seeing a lot less sun for the next six months or so. That being said, I just want to let you all know that gfunk and myself will both be travelling up to Chicago to hang out and do a Q&A at Anime Reactor. We will be doing a few showings and have a Q&A session on Saturday the 23rd at 4PM. So, if you live in or around Chicago you should come down to Anime Reactor and hang out. I think Gfunk and I may even be judging a cosplay event that evening, so you should definitely go and check that out as well. Hope to see you all there!

Oh, and in case you missed the an...

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geoff Cast & Crew
Season 3 begins...NOWWe are proud to release the first episode of the third season of Red vs Blue.

Episode 39 "Best Laid Plans" weighs in at 8 minutes and 45 seconds and is available in Divx, Quicktime, and WMV. You can download it from our Video Page. Thanks for being so patient waiting around for it.

Feel free to sign up for our new site to talk about it (and other stuff) in our forums (it's free). If you haven't checked out all of the new members features, you might want to give it a look anyway.

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