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geoff Cast & Crew
Explaining SponsorshipWe have been getting a lot of emails concerning sponsorship lately, so I thought I'd take a little time to proactively answer many of said questions here. The most common are:

What is sponsorship anyway?
Sponsorship is a service we offer in order to recoup some of the costs involved in making RvB and running the site.

How much is it?
$10 bucks!

How long does it last?
It last for one full season, which is typically six months. There are about two months left in Season 3. Sponsorships reset just before a new season starts.

What do I get for being a sponsor?
You get the videos three days earlier than the general public and in a much higher resolution, extra "sponsor only" content like...

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gus Cast & Crew
Closet of DoomAt some point during the director's commentary on the RvB season two DVD someone jokes that if viewers want a picture of the closet that we record audio in that they should email us and that Burnie would email them a picture (I think it was Geoff who said it). It was a joke, but ever since then we have had a regular stream of email from people wanting a picture of the closet. Since it was Geoff's bright idea we set a trap for him while we were working on episode 46 this weekend. We put a box of Super Blow Pops into the closet to lure him in, then the trap was activated! You can see a picture of the trap in action here.

In other news, I'm going to be heading out to Sundance with Burnie...

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burnie Cast & Crew
Red vs Blue Episode 46 Production UpdateHey everybody, I am back from vacation where I had the distinct pleasure of watching the Texas Longhorns win the Rose Bowl. Not to alienate our Michigan fans or anything like that, but it's been a very long time since my favorite sports team won a game of any signifigance. I have the same kind of miserable streak going on Rumble Pit in Halo 2, so it's nice to be associated with winning even if I don't get to directly participate.

The Consumer Electronic Show is going on right now in Las Vegas, and I would love to be there. Instead, we're hard at work on Episode 46 of Red vs Blue, which will go up for sponsors tonight and hit the general website tomorrow. A friend at the CES informed me th...
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gus Cast & Crew
A Christmas Present For You!The Red vs Blue Christmas Special is now available for download! You can grab it in the video archive. The guys all set out to find the perfect Christmas tree and they learn a little bit about themselves along the way. No, that's some other Christmas special....I think this one is about how Church is a big fat jerk. That sounds much better.

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matt Cast & Crew
Grab Your ChestnutsIt's getting close to that time of year again. The time when we head back to the mall to return all the terrible gifts we received. If the holiday madness has got you down, why not grab some chestnuts, or any other kind of nuts you might want to roast on an open fire, and share in the spirit of the season with a new Strangerhood video. If you've ever felt left out at this time of year, Wade and the gang have a very special Holiday Wish just for you. Enjoy. And please be careful not to burn your nuts.
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burnie Cast & Crew
Episode 45Red vs Blue Episode 45 -- New Toys is now available for download. Please vist the video section. There is also a SFW version available. When posting the the files for 45, I noticed that Episode 44 has about 23,000 comments on it. On behalf of the entire RvB cast and crew, I would like to ask what the hell is wrong with you people and encourage you all to get the professional help you need.

Also, we put the Apple Switch parody back up in the Rooster Teeth video section. I am really hoping someone take a screen grab of Gus and submit it as the official photo of his IMDB entry.

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matt Cast & Crew
We Have a FloaterEpisode 3 of The Strangerhood, We Have a Floater, is now available in the video section. If you're a sponsor, make sure to log in to first to be able to download the high res versions.
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geoff Cast & Crew
New merch in time for ChristmasHello everybody,
Let's be honest. It's cold. So cold that we are scared you will die of exposure. So, we decided to do something about it. We call it the "Caboose Hoodie." It's on sale in our store right now, and might just save your life. Also, if you are looking to get your hands on some RvB DVDs for Christmas but are worried about ordering over the internet, don't forget that we sell both Season One and Season Two in your local Gamestop! Click here to find the closest Gamestop to you.

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burnie Cast & Crew
Thanksgiving Day PSAOur Thanksgiving Day PSA is now in the Video section of Red vs Blue. This year we focused on that wonderment of holiday technology -- The Turducken. Ever since John Madden told us about the chicken stuffed inside a duck crammed in a turkey, we've been smitten. Even with such a giant leap forward in meat-eating, we felt there was still room for improvement. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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burnie Cast & Crew
Episode 44Episode 44 -- We Must Rebuild is now online in the Red vs Blue video section. We will have the first PSA of Season 3 this week in honor of Thanksgiving. Hope that every one has a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Please don't forget that Penny Arcade is currently running their annual Child's Play charity drive to give toys and games to children's hospitals all over the nation. It's an extremely worthy cause. Please take a moment to visit their site.

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