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Captain JackThe next captain up for voting in Age of Booty: Tactics is Jack! Make sure you click this link and vote for your favorite Jack name. As a reminder, both Gavin and I are already available in game and we will be having voting for the remainder of our upcoming captain names over the next few weeks. The community chose Imperator Gustavo as the winner for me, so that is now what is in the game. Make your voice heard and go vote!
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Kyle Cast & Crew
Game Night 7/18 DESTINY BETA!What's up guys,

Today at 4pm central the Achievement Hunter guys are playing the Destiny Beta for Game Night!

Stream will be live here --> Game Night Stream!

If you're not a sponsor make sure you go here and grab a sponsorship so you don't miss out on all the amazing content sponsors get every week!

CLICK HERE to become the coolest person ever!

As always we are taking questions during the stream so use #SponsorCut to tweet those questions at us and we will answer some of them live.

Also for those of you that wanna find out how you might be able to play with the guys on the stream
go here --> and also here -->http://achievemen...
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