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Episode 4
Storm the Tower
With the city under siege and an egotistical evildoer in power, the future looks bleak. X-Ray & Vav! The world needs you!
Barbara Cast & Crew
Rooster Teeth on Slacker RadioWe are excited to announce that we have partnered up with Slacker Radio to create the Rooster Teeth: I am the DJ Station on Slacker!

What is this, and what does that mean?

This station on Slacker is hosted and curated by Rooster Teeth and our various characters and creators, and features the music we love and want to listen to. All songs were picked by us! You'll hear from the staff and be able to hear why they picked certain songs, and hear us attempt to sound like a real DJ. We nail it. Yes. Totally. Every time.

Check it out here, and enjoy!

Info about Slacker Radio:

Slacker Radio is an interactive Internet radio service available in the US and Canada. Listeners can access the service on...
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X-Ray & Vav
Winners of Signed X-Ray & Vav PostersCongratulations to our 10 winners of the signed X-Ray & Vav poster! The following were randomly selected from all who shopped in the RT store yesterday:

Scott Gagnon
Rebecca Grapentine
PY Wong
Karen Jones
manjit bhangu
Austin Rock
Abbey Lane
Carrie Platten
Syd Smith
Ashlee Lyson

Today, everyone who shops in the store is entered in a chance to win a SIGNED RT Flag! All stores included, 10 chances to win.
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Winners of Signed Gus Bobbleheads! Congratulations to our 10 randomly selected winners of the SIGNED Gus Bobblehead!

Daniel Young
Purple Panda Treasures
Allen Pettey
Elaine Ackerman
Mary Mei
Robin de Jong
Nathaniel Hicks
Leanna Carpenter
William Fosdick
Rob Tranter

Today, if you shop in the RT Store, you're entered in a chance to win a SIGNED X-Ray and Vav poster! (10 chances to win, includes all RT Stores) Get going!
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