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Immersion: Fruit Ninja
This week on Immersion, we test if training for Fruit Ninja using real martial arts skills will make our lab rats better samurais! For a free audio book of your choice, visit
Barbara Cast & Crew
Last chance to get 11% OFF!Our 11-year Anniversary Sale is ending TODAY! Use code "RT11YEARS" in the RT store to get your discount. GO GO GO!
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jack Cast & Crew
Rooster Teeth and Operation Supply DropWe're happy to announce that Rooter Teeth will be working with Operation Supply Drop this year on their 8-Bit Salute. We'll be streaming 24 hours from our brand new office and helping to support the troops!

We'd love for you to join in, either by watching the chaos of the stream, participating on your own stream, or donating to our team!

We'll have a ton of details coming soon, but for now, go check out our page over on Operation Supply Drop and get signed up!! Thanks!!
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Ray Cast & Crew
PAX East!!!
(shoutout to Spinwheeling on r/Roosterteeth for posting this GIF)

PAX East is tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. I hope to see all of your lovely faces there! We'll be hanging out at booth #342, so come and say hi. Also, don't be afraid to ask for pictures, signatures, handjobs , etc. We also have a panel! It's Friday at 12 PM ET in the Main Theater.

I hope everyone has a blast and has safe travels. I can't wait to see you guys this weekend
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monty Cast & Crew
Velvet's TeamNow we don't have time for trailers this year, cause all the Awesome we'd put into trailers we're putting into the show. But RWBY wouldn't be RWBY if we didn't tease and bait.

So who's on Velvet's team?

Just this group here:

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