Kyle Cast & Crew
CAH 8/1Cards Against Humanity will go live soon at this location -
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JJ Cast & Crew
Introducing The Film & TV Podcast "Screen Play"Listen to a rotating cast of pop culture geeks chat about TV shows, blockbuster & indie films, casting rumors, industry headlines and more! ALSO: every week we'll spotlight a film to discuss in our weekly "Movie Book Club" segment and even announce the movie a week in advance giving you guys a chance to watch it so you can keep up with the discussion! Sponsors who watch the stream live will be able to tweet things like trivia answers to us using the #ScreenPlay hashtag.

SCREEN PLAY airs weekly every Tuesday at 4 PM CT, streaming live for Sponsors and uploaded to this site and the following day (as well as itunes) First episode is TUE Aug. 5th, the gang ...
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Barbara Cast & Crew
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Chelsea Cast & Crew
Lazer Team Campaign - Still Alive and Kicking!Did you miss contributing the first time around? Did a friend hear about it too late? Did you decide that a second t-shirt would be necessary?

Those questions and more can be answered now with a simple phrase: Rooster Teeth paired up with BackerKit. BackerKit helped us by developing a survey that can be sent to every single one of our Backers allowing you to pick your movie format, your shirt size, your hoodie size and whether you want to keep or give away the Rooster Teeth Sponsorship! This allows us to keep track of everyone's orders so when the time comes we can ensure the proper delivery of perks. SO -- If you pledged and haven't received a survey, check your spam box. To ensur...
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adam Cast & Crew
Live Site Update.Small update this afternoon.

If you signed up and accidentally (or purposefully.......) selected the wrong birthday or sex, you can now update those fields on your Edit Profile page.
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