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Week of April 20th
After seeing the "Speech Jammer" app on the RT Podcast, and on an RT LIFE, you the fans asked for here it is!
geoff Cast & Crew
Event and DVD UpdateHey all, I just wanted to drop a line to thank everyone who attended JACon in Orlando, and Armageddon Pop Culture Expo in New Zealand last weekend. Both events were a lot of fun, and it was great to meet so many of you for the first time (and in Orlando, the second time). Hopefully we will be able to attend these events again in the future, as they are two of the best run, most enjoyable Cons out there. If you are in either area and you don't attend them each year, shame on you.

Matt, Burnie, Gus, Kathleen, and Jason will be heading off to Melbourne, Australia now for their upcoming event at ACMI next week. I hear attendance is mandatory for all Aussies.

Additionally, for those of you wh...
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jason Cast & Crew
Strangerhood 17 wants to be your friendAs Matt said in the last news update, most of the guys in the office have traveled a day into the future. They reported back to me that Strangerhood 17 is feeling a little sad because you haven't watched him yet. This is a lot like The Terminator, only more important to the future of humanity. Do your part. Watch The Strangerhood.
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matt Cast & Crew
Strangerhood 17 up for SponsorsStrangerhood Episode 17 is now up for sponsors. This is the final episode of the season, and we tried to pull out all the stops. It will be available for everyone sometime on Thursday in North America, which will actually be Friday for us since we'll be in New Zealand. See? Now that's the true power of the Internet - we can actually travel forward in time to release videos in the past! It's space-time-tastic!
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gus Cast & Crew
Season 4 still in production. Hey but so long as I've got your attention I do have some other information to give you. First of all I just want to let you know that there is a new Red vs Blue PSA available for the public in the normal place.

I also want to update you all about some upcoming events we have. First of all this Sunday (the 23rd) and Tuesday (the 25th) we will be screening and having a Q&A for the San Francisco International Film Festival. Jason and Gus will be at the Sunday screening and Jason and Geoff will be at the Tuesday screening. Show up and watch us be drunk idiots.

Next weekend (the 29th and 30th of April) we will be in Wellington New Zealand for Armageddon. ...
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matt Cast & Crew
Strangerhood 16 Public ReleaseStrangerhood Episode 16 - The Montage Exposition is now available to everyone. This is the episode that explains all those unanswered questions, like "what the --?" and "huh?" and even "seriously...?"

Even though the Strangerhood just turned 16 and finally got the keys to the minivan, we only get to take her out for a spin one more time before the end of the season. It's been a fun ride, and the DVD is right around the corner. Thanks for riding shotgun with us everyone.

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matt Cast & Crew
Strangerhood 16 Up for SponsorsHey - Strangerhood episode 16 is now available for sponsors. I'd write more, but we're all so tired from working on the DVDs non-stop that we can hardly think straight. More news on that later... if we're not napping.
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gus Cast & Crew
Breaking the LawWe're hard at work on the DVD right now so I'm going to keep this post pretty short. I got an email the other day from the proud owner of a Cockbite shirt. Unfortunately he was having a little bit of a problem. He included an attachment in his email that fully explained the situation. I hope you didn't have too much detention because of the shirt.

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geoff Cast & Crew
Episode 77 -- "The Arrival" publicly availableEpisode 77 is now publicly available. As mentioned below, it's the last episode of Season Four.
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burnie Cast & Crew
Episode 77 -- The ArrivalHappy April Fools Day to all you people currently being annoyed by the endless stream of pranks on the internet. I've always been happy that Red vs Blue's birthday falls on April Fools Day -- it frees us from any obligation to do some goofy stunt where we tell you that we are stopping Red vs Blue to do a version of Hamlet using Pac Man or that Gus was just cast as Cortana in the new Halo movie. Instead of goofy antics, we get to celebrate the huge goof that is our beloved website which began it's life three long years ago on this very day. Yes, at Red vs Blue every day is Fool's Day.

But we do have some obligations, and one of them just made its way into the Video Archive. Episode 77: Th...
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matt Cast & Crew
SH 15 - Lost in Place

Strangerhood episode 15 - Lost in Place is now available for everyone to download. I hope it's not too big a spoiler to reveal that this episode officially completes our J.J. Abrams two-pack. We were originally going for a trifecta, but Wade just didn't look very good with short hair, so we scrapped the "Felicity" episode.

There will be just two more episodes before we complete this season. We've been working on a lot of great bonus material for the DVD, so expect to hear more updates soon.

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