gus Cast & Crew
I Should Be in PicturesJust wanted to give everybody a heads up and remind everyone that we will be attending A-Kon in Dallas this weekend. Joel (aka Caboose), Geoff (aka Grif), myself (aka Gus aka Simmons), and Kathleen (aka Tex) will all be there in attendance. We have a couple of panels there but the main Rooster Teeth panel is on Saturday from 2pm to 4pm in the "main hall". We will of course also have a booth set up selling some merchandise, including some exclusive merchandise not available through our online store.

In other (more important) news I received an email today from a user on our site with an interesting story. Apparently he created a work of art using a picture of me dressed up in a mariach...
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burnie Cast & Crew
Faceplate WinnerCongratulations to Hawaiian_Pig for winning the Director Xbox360 Faceplate Contest! HP's design was simple, yet looked great on the box. As you can see from the picture, it looked great alongisde our other simple Red and Blue boxes. I wish the faceplate itself wasn't so glossy, but that doesn't have anything to do with his design.

For submitting the winning entry, Hawaiian_Pig will get a $100 gift certificate to the Red vs Blue store. Start begging him now for a share of the loot.

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burnie Cast & Crew
RvB Faceplate FinalistsBelow, you can find the six finals for the Director Box faceplate contest. There were a ton of great entries, and they seemed to break down into several different categories. This made my job a little easier; all I had to was pick on leader in each of the major genres. Click any image for a larger size, or any entrant's name for his/her profile.

This is Dono_Van's entry, the best of the "Minimalist" designs.
A simple red and blue with just a hint of Rooster Teeth. Delicate, yet robust.

This is Epoch157's design, representing the "Duality Realized" category.

Nbkhbkknb has both a visceral "Zero Gravity Super Stylized" entry and an impossible to spell profile nam...
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burnie Cast & Crew
Director Faceplate Design ContestMany of you saw the shots of our new 360 setup in the interview we did with Bungie. If you didn't, here they are:

As you can see, our controllers and our Xboxes are a lot easier to tell apart now that we have cool new colored controllers and faceplates. The problem is that my Director Box looks so stark in the standard white. That's why I need your help to jazz it up. I bought the Nyko Custom Faceplate from Gamestop and I am holding a contest to design the coolest RvB themed faceplate.

To enter just download the free NYKO Software and post in the comments a new faceplate image for the director box. On Monday, I will post some finalists in my journal and I'l...
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gus Cast & Crew
The Nerd BirdI just wanted to remind everyone that Geoff and Gus will both be in San Jose California this weekend. They will be there for Fanime. They take off from Austin super early Friday morning and take an American Airlines flight to San Jose that I have heard airport employees refer to as the "Nerd Bird". What a great flight. Anyway, they will be there selling merchandise in the dealer's room all weekend and even taking part in a few panels throughout the convention. The actual Rooster Teeth projects panel is on Saturday from noon to one PM in "Video Room 1". You'll know when you get close because you can probably smell it from "Video Room 382984". Anyway, stop by, say hello, and stand aroun...
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geoff Cast & Crew
Season 4 DVD in stores now!

I just wanted to let those of you who were waiting for your Season 4 DVD to show up at Gamestop/EB Games, that it has in fact, shown up at Gamestop/EB Games. You should be able to get it from your friendly and helpful employee as we speak. If you don't know where your local Gamestop is, this should help.

If the idea of leaving the safety of your lair, braving the dangers of wolves, mountain lions, alligators, and bullies is just too daunting, this should help.

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geoff Cast & Crew
Strangerhood DVD in stores now

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let those of you who were waiting to get your copy of the Strangerhood DVD locally, that it should now be in your local Gamestop/EB Games. If you don't know where your local Gamestop/EB Games is (for shame), this should help.

gfunk out
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matt Cast & Crew
RvB CanwestHey everybody - There's a very cool Red vs. Blue fan event being held this Saturday by our friendly neighbors to the north. Rooster Teeth site members Laird and lukemckay are hosting RvB Canwest in Vancouver, BC, Canada. For those of you that aren't aware, Luke creates some of the most popular Red vs. Blue fan art on the site (like the image in this news post). They've booked an awesome theatre (that's how you spell it in Canada), and are planning to have all sorts of games and prizes. I even have it on good authority that one or two of the cast members pictured here might be in attendance signing RvB Season 4 DVDs. Here's all the info for the event:

Where: Cinematheque Theatre - 1131 ...
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burnie Cast & Crew
Why Are You Here...

When you should be here.
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geoff Cast & Crew
They're here...It is with great pleasure that I announce the official release of Red Vs Blue Season Four, and The Strangerhood Season One on DVD. They are both available in our store for the usual price (and should be arriving at Gamestop any day now as well). We've also added a girl's version of the mega-popular Bow Chicka Bow Wow shirt. Here are the covers of the new DVDs.

Now that the DVDs are officially here, I'm going to go sleep for the next three weeks straight.

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