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25 year-old male from Cordova, TN
Isn't Sanity just a one trick pony anyway. I mean all you get is one trick, rational thinking. But when you're good and crazy, THE SKY'S THE LIMIT!

My interests section is outdated and im too lazy to update it..
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HmmmI noticed last night that I'm Featured User on a Sunday with a censor sign over the cross as my main pic........
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Name Tommy
Occupation Blockbuster
Birthday December 24th, 1989
Interests games watchin tons of movies music hangin out with friends.
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Music NOFX Dope Soil Buckcherry Korn Godsmack Marilyn Manson The Bloodhound Gang GreenDay Foo Fighters KMFDM Eve 6 Evenescense The White Stripes White Zombie AC/DC Corrosion of Conformity Deftones Tenacious D Everclear Guano Apes Helmet Hoobastank Metallica Nirvana Puddle of Mud Smile Empty Soul Offspring System of a Down Stone Temple Pilots pretty much anything thats rock and fast and doesnt have a singer that sounds like a chick that most well hell all new age punk bands have.
Movies the original star wars trilogy(4 5 and 6 not that ep.1-3 crap) the first Matrix the Indiana Jones trilogy Spaceballs Cowboy Bepop the movie Clerks Mallrats Blazing Saddles both Bourne movies Sin City and other random shit that i cant remember while im typing this
TV Shows Cowboy Bebop Teen Titans some Trigun Family Guy Futurama Beavis and Butthead Celebrity Deathmatch Full Metal Alchemist Robot Chicken Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex stand up comedy Mission Hill
Books The Halo books any Star Wars book that has to do with the characters from episodes 4 5 and 6 and after Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy