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I excel at being a smartass, pointing out the obvious, getting philosophical, and an amateur psychologist. Otters are neat. People are cool too I guess.

"Me cursing to get my point across is no different than you seasoning your chicken before cooking"-Chad Johnson

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Riddle Me ThisWho is now a completionist yet does not ever 100% games?

It's me, I'm that guy. Across the currently released games in the Arkham series(Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Origins) I now have the achievement in each game for collecting all of the trophies and solving all of the riddles. 240 in Arkham Asylum(the one I just finished, but first in the series) 440 in Arkham City(of which I got twice...don't ask) and 200 data packs plus one trophy in Arkham Origins. That means I collected/solved a total of 1,32 1 items/riddles. I don't have a high gamerscore. I don't feel the need to complete games and get 100% achievements. Hell most of the time I'm not talented enough to even do that. What I can say I'm proud of is doing this. There were some incredibly frustrating times, and I've put away the Arkham series a few times, just so I wouldn't have to look at it. I did it though. So I guess if you need help on any of the games before Arkham Knight comes out, I'll be your walkthrough anytime.
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