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Washington Mutual Is A Bank That Is EverI had an urge one hour ago. To write poems

that make no sense, and

I felt happy. Stabbed

by hooded black youth.

Shocked by the willingness of grade-schoolers

to kill me. And eat my heart. The things that do not happen to me

each day. I feel

like shit. My life

is good, fantastic. I am not deformed. Thank you.

There should be something about you

in this poem. But

there is just me, being stupid.

Putting shampoo on things. My roommateâ€s shampoo. Uncouth. My heart

is a bar of soap. White, flashing. Soap

is clean. Admit it. That it will kill you

if you eat it

probably. I mean, look

at this poem. Where are you. I love life. November. Wonderful. The sun. A cloud

just said something. I don’t know what it said.

I wasn’t paying attention. I don’t care.
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