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24 year-old female from never never land-dream land
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Its Kayla, im a really nice person once you get to know me. Dont ask me for stupid shit it just pisses me off. I am a bitch and im fucking proud. Got a problem FUCK YOU! I dont care. You dont like me that is good im not going to please you or anyone. I will not change for you or anyone for that matter. I have changed alot for the most part for the better. Im a very shy person get the fuck used to it i have and probably will always be like this. Got any questions just ask i will be more than happy to answer them.

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:(Im going to take a shower
lets talk when i get back
sounds good
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Interests A guy that i really like he is just like soo AUH-MAZING ilovehimwithallmyheart <3 shopping volleyball hangin out with friends sometimes family
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