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23 year-old male from Ellesmere Port, England
I'm a Brit with hopes and dreams to becoming a Script Writer or an Actor.

I'm currently writing scripts for a few films, mostly short films to gain experience and build my CV whilst also working on writing my first novel.

Other than that I'm definitely a Gamer.
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An Update on MyselfA quick journal post as I haven't done one in a while and its always nice to share...unless its food because I'm not sharing food.

Its been a busy year for me so far. I finalised and released my first Short Film, though it didn't turn out as perfect as I wanted I've learnt from where it went wrong and I've grown as a writer from it.

I've also began scripting my first feature film. A horror film titled "Metus", its Latin for Fear. I'll be writing the script which should be done by the end of March and I have also taken on the role of Producer alongside a talented Director called Richard Reade who I have known for some time now. He also informed me today that he has found an extra cameraman as well as a Director of Photography for the film. We've already cast a friend of ours called Mitch Thornton who we have both worked with before and are happy that he will be a perfect leading man. Once the script is finalised, I will be posting the script and film details to the British Film Industry with the hopes of getting some funding so we can really create something special.

I'm really excited about the progress that's been made on this film. It will be my first feature length production and I can't wait to start filming.

Other plans for me this year, I'll be heading to Budapest in June for a Stag Do, somehow I landed the Best Man role so that's exciting and there is also talk of a holiday in Portugal in September. After that I can set my sights on saving to come to RTX 2016, because that would be awesome.
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