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22 year-old male from Ellesmere Port, England
I'm a Brit with hopes and dreams to become either a Script Writer or an Actor. I'm currently writing scripts for a few films, mostly short films to gain experience and build my CV. Other than that I'm definitely a Gamer. Also in my spare time I make videos on Youtube.
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I_am_Conde LPConde
3rd Year on RT So I recently passed my 3rd year as member on this site. Though I was a fan before this, I never really got the full experience of being part of this amazing community until I signed up. Its gone from me checking this site once every few days to me now having permanently tabbed on my phone.

I listened/watched every podcast several times over, its what makes my walks to work bearable although I must look odd laughing to myself walking down the street. I've grown my collection of RT merch, doing a year of monthly merch which was fun and every time a new shirt ones out my wallet starts twitching.

Red vs Blue has continued to set itself in my heart as one the greatest series all of time, and Rooster Teeth has even revived my love for anime with RWBY.

I've seen the AH crew continue to grow and make me laugh with every video. I even watched the Diablo 3 lets play even though I've never played it and probably never will and yet I still loved that video because its AH. I still have some desire for a second fuel lets play as the first, despite how long it was, it was brilliant. Thanks to Geoff and Michael I found Always Sunny and have watched it all twice now and will probably start again soon, for the recommendation of that, I can't thank you enough.

Rooster Teeth as a company has inspired me to continue to try and build on my acting and writing career to the point where I've just finished post production on my first Short Film and I'm now in the progress of writing my first feature and now I want to really push myself to get further and further in the career I love.

Rooster Teeth has made me the person I am today, they've gotten me through some rough patches and kept the good ones going. I'm just a generally much happier person nowadays now that I've finally settled in life and I'm ready for the next adventure.

Its great to see the company I love continue to grow and grow and I hope it continues to do so for the foreseeable future, you guys are truly amazing. So before I start to look like a even crazier person than I already am I'm going to leave this here.

Thank you RT and here's to the next 3 years and more.
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