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28 year-old female from B.C.
I have no life.....and that is all you need to know XD ......unless you ask me of course, then i will gladly tell you almost anything ^.^
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Costumes for halloween?I need a hand to find my halloween costume, now i know its a lil early to be looking but i want my costume to be perfect.

I'm going to go as Ms. Lovett from 'Sweeney Todd', but to make it a lil harder I want the dress that she wears in her last scene. (don't worry i won't ruin the movie for those who haven't seen it.... but I am going to give you a reason to to watch it)
Please if any one knows any sites that may carry Sweeney Todd apparell please let me know, but i am only looking for good quality, as close as possible to the dress in the movie, and price is of no concern.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. Mods will be given to those who can help, or put in the effort to help.
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Name Dani
Occupation lazy
Birthday March 12th, 1987
Interests horse back riding drawing singing vampires Ancient Egypt obsessed with anime XD yaoi yuri hentia *blush*
Music Marilyn Manson Dir en Grey Malice Mizer Linken Park Miyavi System of a Down Disturbed Korn U2 but only there older stuff Opera and classical. I know there is a big difference but what can i say sometime i just love to admire the beauty in the world
Movies Phantom of the Opera is the best movie i have ever seen and im sorry to say that it is even better than Spongebob Squarepants and Alexander!!! Other movies i like are: Interview with the Vampire Queen of the Damned (the novels were way better tho) Finding Nemo Shrek 1 and 2 Rocky Horror Picture Show The Ring Scary Movie 1 2 and 3 All the Inuyasha movies (even tho I havent seen them yet....i know im wierd but i love them anyway)The Grudge XD All the Charlie Chaplin video's Madagascar
TV Shows Inuyasha Night Walker Shanamic Princess SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!!!! Yami no Matsui Gravitation Samurai Deeper Kyo
Books Too many to list off I love to read.