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23 year-old male from Madisonville, LA
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The world is gone, and I'm just one.
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Hmm......this site seems to change every time I log back in. Improvement is cool.

Well, things have changed quite a bit. Some things have happened...but hey, you guys don't need to hear all that. Everyone is crazy about the Saints winning a lot now. Part of me wants to believe this is so just because Louisiana is economically unstable like a lot of places...that reminds me; Jazzfest is going to be awesome. If you can somehow make it to New Orleans, you should look up the list of artists who will be attending...Pearl Jam, The Black Crows, Simon and Garfunkel, Band of Horses are just a few. Anyway, back to the Saints, I saw a stupid, stuffed monkey that had a Saints shirt on in Walgreens a couple days ago. It was fifteen dollars. that's one example...but LA needs it, I guess....well, later guys. Enjoy Mardi Gras...
(if you can't celebrate it then just have a beer anyway :] )
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