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23 year-old male from Honolulu, HI
RAWR! It means I love you in Dinosaur.
ANYWAYS! Wassup, I am Jesse, an active user of Rooster Teeth and a huge fan of the series. I am also a pretty hardcore FPS player and an aspiring game developer. I am in my senior year of high school and in the crunch time of collage applications. Also I have a few of my old art that I drew long ago but I have much much more art on my DA account so please go check it out, colorfree-artist.deviantart.com/ Well, cant really think of anything else to say so peace :)
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Name Jesse
Occupation My Friends, Modern Warfare 2, Computer :O
Birthday November 10th, 1991
Interests Family friends Xbox 360 TV etc
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Music Rock now and forever and ever and ever
Movies Sherlock Holmes has stolen my heart in the movie business Robert Downey Jr. plays Sherlock like a pro
TV Shows My favorite are Friends Scrubs That 70's Show Myth Busters House and a bunch more.
Books I had heard of a podcast about a book called World War Z. I fell in love. The reason I like it is not just because of the zombies but also the fact that interview by interview the whole story begins to unravel and that is what made the book great. Like a huge jigsaw puzzle. This appealed to me because I am really into mysteries and it made me ask constantly "how will everything turn out?" World War Z has my recommendation and you should go read it!