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The Impact of Rooster TeethWow, where to begin? Back in the 3rd grade (about 2007), one of my new friends, Nick, showed me a video on youtube. I saw this person in a black suit of armor beating the living shit out of some other guys in different colors of armor in the most amazing ways! I had no idea what it was, but he told me it was called "Red vs. Blue." Many weeks passed by and I was sitting at home, bored out of my skull and the words "Red vs. Blue" appeared in my head. I went on my computer and started up season one. It took me a couple of episodes, but when I got to the episode where SHIELA started to fire again and again at Grif and Simmons, I understood what it meant to die of laughter. It took no time at all to get caught up. The revelations of Church and the expansive world of this story struck me in a way, I've never felt before. I could go on and on about how I've practically memorized all of RvB so far, but that would be really annoying.

In the midst of all that, I started to check out more of RTs content and I loved every minute of it. I fell in love with the community here and the staff is just incredible. At home, I'm very distant from my parents and at times I don't feel happy. I am ever grateful of Rooster Teeth for making me feel like I have a second family, one that will always be there to make me laugh and feel great! In addition to that, I've been much more sociable and I've made so many friends because of you guys (Sorry, I might have stolen some lines used by RT staff! Barbara I even and bought that cat keyboard, because of you). I suppose my point is, is that everyone in this community has such an impact on the lives of others, and it impacted mine in a way that will affect everything going forward for me!

It was two years ago that I found my passion, music. A lot of that inspiration came from the music of Red vs. Blue and I've probably listened to all the soundtracks a thousand times (I think my entire high schoo...
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